Blogtober: Vampire Poison Ivy Makeup

Hello Angels! I promised I’d do makeup looks, and I will deliver. This was a first attempt, and seeing as it is what I’m going as for Halloween, I will update it and upload better pictures of the makeup. This … Continue reading

Blogtober: Halloween Films

Hello Angels! Posting daily didn’t exactly work out as I planned; I’ve been busy, uninspired at times, and my WiFi is horrible at times. BUT, I’m still gonna join in, just not put pressure on myself to post. So, again, … Continue reading

Halloween Viral: Pumpkin Man

Hello Angels! You really think I’d do my FIRST Blogtober (month, not post, don’t worry, I’ve not lost my mind) and not include anything about Pumpkin Man? That man is one of  my favourite things about October, I will never … Continue reading

My Paranormal Experiences

Hello Angels! Yes, I am here with ANOTHER Blogtober post: this time, less made up stuff, and more stuff which is personal to me. Now, I know some people are going to mock me here or be a skeptic, but … Continue reading

Halloween Chat-up Lines (and Anti Chat-up Lines)

Hello Angels! First if all, I’m sorry, I know I missed yesterday, but it was hectic, I’ll be sure to schedule a post for tomorrow, which will also be hectic! Okay, I know, this doesn’t look like my usual post, … Continue reading

Real Horror: Elizabeth Báthory, The Female Dracula

Hello Angels! For todays Blogtober post, I wanted to talk about some real life horror: Elizabeth Báthory, the female Dracula. I’ve been fascinated with her for years, and it makes me sad that she’s not spoken about more; the life … Continue reading

Halloween Playlist

Hello Angels! I promised I’d do Blogtober, and today is my first proper post because I don’t think I could do it without a Halloween playlist. Most of my posts will be Halloween based, a few more ‘normal’ October based … Continue reading