BMO Leggings Review



Hello, angels ❤

I bought a pair of adorable leggings from not too long ago, and decided to put my review of them up due to the increase of popularity in the website and after seeing many people wearing similar style of leggings just incase others wanted to join in the apparent up and coming trend 😉

First of all, the price is as nice as the leggings are: only £3.98 with a £1.20 shipping free. I honestly don’t like spending too much money on clothes, which is why I refuse to spend anything over at the most £70 on a prom dress, and if I spend that much, am I hell buying new shoes to go with it. So, when I can find an adorable pair of leggings with one of my favourite cartoon characters on for only a little over £5, I’m a pretty happy bunny.

Second of all, the quality surprised me a lot. Due to the price, I honestly believed that they would be massively see-through and be unable to wear. But, it’s quite the opposite: although they are slightly see-through, it’s not enough to be a massive problem, and it’s only on the white faces, whereas I thought it would be all over. The material is made out of a shiny kind of fabric which is the typical spandex, polyester mix which I’ve found a lot of clothing to be made out of recently, possibly due to the low-cost of the material, and also possibly due to it being stretchy, meaning that it can be more widely counted as a ‘one size fits all’.

Linking to that, I find it difficult to buy things which fit well on my legs but also fit over my bum; I’m a size 8-10 with a size 12 behind, so I genuinely find it difficult to find something that fits both. But, these actually do fit both my leg length (again, I’m only 5’5″, so that isn’t much of a feat) but also my leg size and they fit over my bum, so I was really happy about that. But, saying that, I doubt that they would fit people much bigger in a ‘one-size fits all’ because they’re a little tight on me. ALWAYS check the measurements on the site before you buy; it may end up being too small, too big, too short or too long when it actually turns up. The length of the leg is spot on for me, with them being 91 cm long, but I doubt people much taller than me could wear them without them coming up a little short on the leg, as they finish just on my ankle bone: the length I prefer jeans, leggings and trousers to come up to.

My one major issue with these is that I have worn these leggings maybe 3 or 4 times, only twice ever outside the house. But, I have found a small hole in the crotch area, where the leggings are actually sewn together, which did let me down a little because they were pretty perfect leggings, but with the price, I can’t exactly say that it wasn’t expected.

Overall, they are of good quality: the sewing of them just let me down a little, but can easily be sewn and fixed in a few simple stitches. The I’d say a anything up to a British M would fit into these, but anything above that may be a gamble. The material is stretchy, and the print is adorable. They do come in a massive variety of colours, patterns and prints, but I got these in ‘light blue’.

If anybody can find a pair of Pyramid Leggings, PLEASE link them to me: I adore him and have been playing around with cosplay ideas :3

Be safe angels ❤

BMO/ Other Leggings:

Crafted ‘Check Me-Ow!!!’ crop top: another eBay find, and a future review 😉


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