Harajuku Cat Suspender Skirt Review

Hello Angels!

Todays review is on a cat suspender dress that was bought as a birthday present off my mum and dad for me in December from HIMI’Store which is an online store with/on storenvy, after constant hints for months.

I’ll start off with the actual design of and on the dress: the cats face is adorable, and sewn into the dress and not printed on, meaning that there isn’t a shiny, plasticky feel to the dress which can chip off or peel off the dress. To me, this shows that at least the design is going to last and stay on the dress for a long time, and due to vivid colours being used, it’s highly unlikely to fade any time soon. The actual design of the dress is also very cute. It’s a suspender style dress which is elasticated at the waist so nips you in without a belt being needed, and flares out at the hips; it usually does flow out with more elegance, but the top I had on under it had bunched so it doesn’t look as good as it usually does.

The material that the dress is made out of is a pretty high quality. It seems to me personally to be a jersey cotton mix, which means that it is stretchy, comfortable and doesn’t irritate or scratch the skin. I do have to say that it is pretty see-through though as you can see from my usual test: the blue notebook with the pink flowers on is slightly noticeable, so I do suggest wearing shorts and/or tights under the dress just so it’s a little more modest.

The fit of the design is pretty accurate: I got a medium and the only actual problem in my eyes is that the straps are slightly too long, so look baggier at the back because I pull the front of the dress up so that the print is more clear and noticeable; it’s too cute to look crumpled. The actual length of the dress may be a little short for most people, but for me it’s about right, as it finishes mid-thigh, and I wouldn’t wear it without tights anyway, so I don’t really have to worry about things being too short or too revealing, because I am almost always covered. If you were a little taller, it may actually still work; the straps could be pulled down so they’re less baggy at the back and still end up a similar length.

The price was worth it, and my parents agree after seeing how pleased I am with it. it was $36 with free shipping, so you are getting a high quality for the money spent, and free worldwide shipping is always a plus in my eyes; it makes me feel like I could spend a little more without worrying about the price as much because there is no shipping fee on top of it.

I actually can say about customer service in this one. I originally ordered it in black because I tend to wear it more, but the black was out of stock. So, they got in touch and asked if sending it in white was okay, and if not, it could be sent to me in black when it was back in stock. When my dad told me about it, I was impressed, because often it won’t be offered to be sent in a different colour and it won’t be sent at all, and in some cases, companies have just sent out a random colour. So I can say that customer service and care is amazing, and it is a company that cares about what is being sent out, which is fantastic.

Overall, this dress is a very high quality, the sizing is accurate, and the print is adorable. If you like it, I say go buy it and hunt it down, because it is worth the money, and now that it isn’t bitterly cold, I will be wearing this dress a lot more. I have linked to different sites where you can find the dress, as it has unfortunately sold out at HIMI’Store.

Be safe angels ❤



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