Nightmare Before Christmas Locket Review

Hello m’darlins :3

I just have a little review today of an amazing necklace which was gotten from Bluebirds and Daisies :3

The pendant used is so cute: I’m a massive Tim Burton fan, and Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favourite films of all time, so the actual image on the pendant is adorable and I adore it. It is an amazing quality and varnished meaning that there are no scratches or scrapes on it, which means I can keep wearing it, which is a plus point, because I adore it. Due to the bronze coloured metal used, it does have a bit of a vintage theme to it, which I do love as I do have a weakness for vintage themed clothes and jewellery.

It is made very well; the chain hasn’t broken or come apart, which does happen to me a lot because I’m not too lady-like or gentle, but this has stayed hard-wearing and even after being dropped while getting ready a good few times, it is still all in one piece, The locket part of the necklace has stayed secure and hasn’t fallen off at all, and the locket hasn’t come apart, which again, due to me being a little clumsy, it does how that only the best materials are being used, and that time and care is being taken into making the items that are produced.

The metal used is also good quality: I have pretty damn sensitive skin, so wearing metals a lot does irritate me a lot, which is why I will either be wearing jewellery with very little metal on them, or with no metal at all. So, when I say that I have had no irritation of the skin at all, and no discolouring  or the skin (such as when the skin goes green if a certain metal is used), it again shows that a high quality of materials are used, and what is being made is crafted with care.

So I do strongly suggest this shop, and not just because my mum is the talented maker behind each piece 😉 The pieces are of such a high quality and a huge amount of time is taken to make everything from gloves and hats, to jewellery, to notebook covers. I will link to her many, many pages below 🙂

Be safe, angels ❤





Supermums Craft Fair:



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