Black Jeweled Schuh Ballet Pumps (PROM SHOES :D) Review

Hello there, lovelies :3

If you can’t tell, I’m mega excited about the shoes my wonderful mother bought for me for prom, and have been wanting to post pictures since they arrived, but had others already lined up. There was supposed to be a different review going up, but I couldn’t wait any longer :3 Tomorrow will be an even more sparkly pair ;D

They are so incredibly beautiful! How sparkly they look and are can’t be shown on the picture. The rhinestone literally sparkle and glitter in the light, and they remind me of when the sun is setting and it bounces off of the water and reflects. They catch the light so perfectly well and make the light reflect and bounce off of them. The brooch part which is blued on takes up almost the whole of the front of the shoe, so is amazingly eye-catching. Due to the length of the dress (linked here: they won’t be seen often, but will peek out from under the dress, and when they do, they will add a little extra sparkle and glamour to it.

They are made out of the softest black velvet I have ever owned. The only problem with it is that this material rubs off and will scuff easily, so when I know if these do or not, I will add a little update ;D But from reviews, they are hard-wearing and last really well.

They are pretty true to size: I only have size 4.5 feet, but these are a five and are just ever so slightly big, which is okay for me as it means they’re a little less likely to give me blisters, which I find is always a plus. Also, the less blisters, the less blood on my shoes and possibly dress, which is also a really big plus. I DO have a little tip though: in heels, buy half a size bigger, so for a similar reason, there’s less chance of blisters, and also because high heels are often more narrow and smaller than advertised. I just tend to do it in all shoes; buying for a size 4.5 is pretty difficult.

These were on sale from £35, to £24, and then further to £19.99, which I would say is a really good price for the quality that you’re gonna get, even at the top price. Schuh shoes are known for being very well made and durable, and to an outstandingly high quality. Unfortunately, they are now out of stock, but I will link to similar ones below 🙂

Be safe angels ❤



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