SILVER SHOES (Schuh Review)

Hello, Angels!

First of all…SILVER SHOES.

Yes, I did say yesterday that I has even sparklier, my glittery shoes bought from Schuh but made by the fabulous company Red or Dead, and here they are, in all their shining glory. If you follow me on twitter, you may have seen both mine and my mums excitement at silver shoes.

I will say that these shoes are narrow, but fit me pretty well. It’d probably be best to keep that in mind because I do have very tiny, very dainty feet, so if they’re narrow for me, people with wider feet may want to actually go to a shop to try these on; buying them online may be risky because of how narrow they are. But, the sizing does feel pretty accurate, as with heels, if you buy half a size up they’re more likely to fit. I don’t know how, and I don’t even remember when I heard it, but it has been true so far. These were bought in a size 5, so I would say that the sizing is good.

They aren’t thatthat comfort, but they are new shoes, so they’re not going to be. Walking around the house in them, I managed about 2 hours: I’d say these are sat around shoes, not when you’re walking around loads.

The only flaw in the material which was reoccurring on the website was that the glitter eventually began to come off the strap where the buckle was, which is expected, and the flakes are very few, and can easily be recovered with glitter, so that isn’t a major issue. Other than that tiny thing, there are no problems: the inside is made of soft, comfortable leather and the outside is completely stunning. The way the light bounces off these shoes is amazing; the amount they glitter in the light is stunning. I did try to capture that in the pictures above, but it is nothing compared to real life. The jewels on the front seem to be securely fixed in place on the shoe, and they too glitter and shine in the light. You can get a proper look at the jewels from the picture of a very happy me!

The heel is about 3″ high, with a block heel. This is fine for me because I can’t walk in heels. I can barely walk on a flat surface in flat shoes, so heels is something I don’t usually even attempt. But, these are easy to walk in due to the thick heel, which means that it feels as if you’re not actually walking on a heel.

Another thing is the price: in the Schuh sale, they were £14.99, down from a whopping £70. I was mega happy with the price and they are of an amazing quality. Unfortunately, they are now out of stock, so I will link others below.

I am so, so incredibly happy with these shoes. They are beautiful shoes that honestly make me feel like Cinderella or a fairy princess.

Be safe angels ❤


Burgundy Version:

Similar with a Bow:





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    1. Thank you so much, lovely! There are a few similar ones that I follow like Beautiful Breakable (, Beaus and Bows ( and A little Lippy Goes a Long Way (
      But, I also strongly suggest this little angelic person ( and this sassy Goddess ( because they make my day :’)
      Stay safe and stay happy, beautiful ❤


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