Real, Serious, Urgent Talk

Hey, my beautiful readers.

You see that word? Beautiful? Yeah, that is each and every one of you. And I’m writing this because I just saw something on tumblr, and have seen it on various other social networking sites, and seeing it made me feel honestly sick to the stomach. You know what it said?

“Pretty girls don’t eat.”

That is disgusting. The fact that images and pictures promoting this phrase are being scattered all over social networking sites where young, easily influenced minds can read it sickens me. The fact that it is being ALLOWED to be posted honestly makes me so angry. The fact that eating disorders and mental disorders are being romanticised makes my skin crawl, because there is nothing good about being effected by something like that.

Would somebody romantacise a broken arm or leg? No, they wouldn’t. So why do it to somebody else who feel broken. Just because it can’t be seen as such, doesn’t mean that it’s not there. There is nothing good about society and just people in general making others feel like they need to under eat, or over eat or change themselves to be pretty, or beautiful or needed, because dammit, every person is beautiful and needed. Just not having one person could completely change the world. I do understand that sometimes, people just struggle with mental disorders due to genetics, or have problems due to themselves. But my point still stands: don’t put complete and utter poop like that online.

So please, PLEASE, if you see something like that online, report it and try to get it taken down. Because there is nothing romantic about eating disorders. There is nothing romantic about self harm. There is nothing romantic about having a mental disorder, which eating disorders can stem from. Just like there is nothing romantic about a broken arm or leg.

If you do struggle or suffer, I have put links down below to where you can find help, and you can ALWAYS talk to me: links to all of my social networks are under ‘Personal Links’ in the bar. Please remember that you are beautiful, needed and precious to the world. No matter what is said or what the mirror makes you see, you are perfect and beautiful in your own way ❤

Please, for the love of God, be safe, my beautiful angels ❤


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