Sushi T-shirt Review (Cakes With Faces)

Hello Angels!

Today I have a review of an amazingly cute sushi t-shirt from Cakes With Faces. I do find it difficult reviewing t-shirts, but I did want to give it a go for a few days; maybe even including Sunday?

The quality of the material is amazingly good: it’s a thick, but lightweight cotton. It is also stretchy, but seeing as got this t-shirt in a Mens Large, it doesn’t necessarily need to be stretchy for me. But, the cotton is perfect and I can happily wear this and a cardigan around the house, even with the backdoor constantly open blasting cold air into my house because of the tiny demon cats. It is amazingly soft against the skin, and doesn’t get scratchy or tough against the skin after being washed. Similarly, it also doesn’t shrink or go massive in the wash either. It is a very good, very high quality material.

The pattern is only tiny, but it is adorable. It is printed and not sewn into the t-shirt, but it’s still staying on the t-shirt pretty well. It is three smiling little sushi rolls, and I’m not even a massive sushi fan because I really don’t like fish, but I just thought the print was so cute. I do adore prints like this because they are super cute but not too-in your face, and believe it or not, I do like to have days where I’m not in people faces and attracting attention constantly. If you saw me when I go out (Liverpool outfit being out up Saturday morning) you wouldn’t believe that probably. But I digress, the print on this top is small, but completely cute.

The sizing from this, and from the t-shirt which my mum bought at the same time, I can say that sizing seems to be pretty accurate (but I will be buying from there again, so I can finalize that when I do). But again, the cotton is stretchy, so I do think it would fit on the majority of shapes and sizes.

Blimey, the overall quality of the t-shirt is very high too: the t-shirts came very neatly folded up in a big bag, and the actual t-shirt quality is very high too. There are no loose threads, no holes have appeared after washing and splitting up cats fighting. This was the standard for both my t-shirt and my mums, both which I will link you too.

These were bought in the sale, so I think they were £9 each, down from £16. They are £16 at the moment and both in stock, and I honestly do think for the high quality of both overall quality and material quality and amazing designs that you will be receiving, it definitely is worth the money, and it is free shipping, so there is no added cost on top of that. And you would also be supporting a lovely company, who could carry on making an adorable range of items.

I CAN also say that customer service is also as amazing as the products themselves. There was a little note in the bag they came in thanking us for our purchase, and it arrived I think the day after it was ordered. So, shipping time is also stupidly good, and the people working there are also obviously very friendly.

I say go buy stuff from them, because you will receive such high quality items: a range from cushions, to t-shirts to babygrows and stationary. This is an amazing company, which I am bloody happy I found.

Stay safe, angels ❤


Sushi T-shirt:

Mothers Cat T-shirt:


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