Cat Ear Hairclip Review

Hello Angels!

Today, I do only have a little review, but it is considerably more happy than my last post: though that still will be shared a lot until I see a difference on what is being put online. You can read it here, and please, please do; it means a lot to me (

But, back to the subject: these were bought for me as a little present by my lovely mother who got a pair for herself to match her t-shirt from Cakes with Faces, and seeing my reaction to them, got me a brown pair, though I think we’ll both be going back for other colours as they’re stupidly cute.

They are pretty simple to put in once you get the hang of putting them on equally: they’re just simple, normal clips which you put in, match up, fiddle if you’re as bad as matching the sides as I am, and you’re good to go. They don’t tug or pull on hair. I have done this on freshly washed, and not freshly washed hair, so I can say that they do stay in place, but it isn’t even necessary to unclip them to take them out of the hair as they slide out of the hair with little effort needed.

So far, the quality of them is pretty high despite the amazingly low price: they came secured in a bag, and there is no sign of the ears or bells coming loose anytime soon: they are securely glued and sewn on to the clips: the bell and ribbon glues while the bottom of the clip is through the middle of the ear and sewn into place. I have only worn them a few times, and they haven’t braved the outside world as such yet, but so far, they’re doing really well in the quality tests.

The price is amazingly good: they were 99p from the place I got mine from, but I have seen them in a range of prices, so I will link them all below so you can take your pick which ones. You can buy them in other colours, and without bells, but I did get brown and with bells- just so I could annoy people a little bit more.

Overall, I’d say they are well worth the price, but I personally wouldn’t pay anymore, but that is your choice 🙂 They are adorable, and I’d say good quality for the price you pay.

Be safe angels ❤



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