Real Talk: The Sizing Issue

Hello, Angels

Sadly, I’m not here to write a happy review or a wishlist or a playlist. I’m actually here for a rant about something pretty damn close to my heart and that means a lot to me. I know I haven’t got much to rant about: I have a great friends, an amazing family, and people who care and love me deeply. I have money, food, water, a roof over my head. I don’t have much to rant about in life other than people who annoy me, but mother of God, this gets under my skin.

I was shopping today: New Look have a sale on, and I like to nip in and have a look at the underwear on sale and buy it because I do like the underwear from there, but that is besides the point. On one of the sale racks, there was a section for people who were a size 12. And, that in itself is perfectly normal, because people are size 12. But it was on the ‘Plus Size’ rack. A size 12 was counted as a ‘Plus Size’. Now, in my knowledge, the average size of a woman in Britain is a UK 16, so sizes 16 or above would be ‘Plus Size’. Not a size which is smaller than the average bloody size.

I know that people will think that this doesn’t really effect me: I’m an 8-10 unless you count the butt in which I’m about a 12 or sometimes a 14, even if I do lose weight; it just doesn’t budge from there. But when you take that into consideration, it does kind of effect me. And even if it didn’t, I can still be angry about the fact that women of a pretty damn small size are being classed as ‘Plus Size’.

I am honestly disgusted, but it’s not just New Look. There are places where a UK 10 is classed as ‘Plus Size’. I know I don’t often swear in this blog, but a size 10 is not fucking ‘Plus Size’. A size 10 is really small. Like, Oprah would say that a UK size 10 could wear a crop top (ohh, believe me, I was of course going to get that in) and pull it off.

Can we please get a few things clear, and I’m gonna put them very simply:

  • A size 10 is not a ‘Plus Size’
  • A size 12 is not a ‘Plus Size’
  • A size 14? NOT A ‘PLUS SIZE’
  • People can wear whatever the hell they want, no matter what their size or their shape, as long as they feel happy and comfortable in what they’re wearing

I do not understand why ‘Plus Size’ is even a thing. People are people and people come in different shapes and sizes. A size 20 could be fit and able to run miles, while a size 8 may be unable to run a meter. Whether somebody is healthy has nothing to do with their size. Unless the person is morbidly obese and has a risk of dying, their size is none of your damn business. Some people may be sensitive about their weight, so by having a whole section for people who may be a slightly bigger can be seen as cruel and almost patronising.

Please, for the love of God. Any clothing shops that read this or workers that stumble across it, read it and take it in. If there is gonna be a ‘Plus Size’ section, make it sizes about (in this case) a UK 16. A 16 is the average size, so anything under that size is not bloody ‘Plus Size’.

I could go on about the whole ‘fat shaming’ and ‘skinny shaming’ thing, but I’m angry enough about this, I’ll save it for another night. But, before I sign off, Angels, you are beautiful no matter what your size, shape, age or imperfections. You are beautiful, and don’t let shops or clothes define what you see and make you feel any less gorgeous. F’ em, Angels, and whether you be a size 6 or a 26, walk with your head held high.

Stay safe and stay HEALTHY, Angels ❤


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