Slutty or Just Jealousy?

Hell Angels ❤

I will have a favourites post up tomorrow, possibly, but today, I’m gonna have a mini rant and a mini outfit post combined, because I have a lot to rant about at the moment.

The outfit shown below is one I wore recently:


I went out, dressed like that. When I went out, I had found a way to make it so not even my hips were showing by tying the shirt a little lower. Yes, you could see my figure, and why on earth should I not show it off? I have a damn good figure. It was very, very hot outside, and still, I had tights on and a long-sleeved shirt, so I was probably one of the most covered up people out that day. Yet, I still got called a ‘slut’. I still had people making comments at me. I still had people ogling me as I walked past (I don’t blame them, but still). I was still called a ‘slag’. These comments by people who didn’t know me. They were just random people in the street as I walked by.

The words ‘slut’ and ‘slag’ were originally used for people who would sleep around. Now, they’re used when girls maybe wear something short and tight. Why? Why on earth have the connotations of the words been changed? You cannot tell if somebody has slept around with a lot of people from the clothes they wear. I’ve had comments by people who were interested in me saying I was dressing to get attention off other people, which brings me to my next point.

I am not, and no girl or any person who you are with romantically is a slut for getting attention off of people. I highly doubt that they got dressed that morning and thought ‘Oh, I know, I’ll go dress up like this so I can make my boyfriend/girlfriend’ jealous and cause us to argue. What a fun day!’ No. That shit does not happen. That person if like me, thought of an outfit combination that would look good and put the clothes on then left the house. I do not dress for other people. I dress for myself, and I may dress up for the person I’m going out with so they may just look at me occasionally and go ‘Damn, my girl looks damn good today.’ and that is as far as it will go.

It has gotten to the point where comments get so frequent about the stuff I wear, I don’t go out in things like the outfit shown above anymore. I barely ever wear dresses or skirts, and I happily live in jeans and a t-shirt (or more likely a plaid shirt). But it shouldn’t have to be like that. People should be able to go out and not have people calling them names or sexually harassing them. You should be able to wear what you want without being judged or having your motives questioned. It’s not right and that crap needs to change.

I find girls doing it too. Yes, there is a level of clothing which is way too short and makes me want to go give the person (usually girls) a really long jumper or something because you can see your butt cheeks, and it is bloody cold. But, girls are the people who get ‘slut shamed’ the most, and I hate it when girls comment on what others are wearing because no sweetheart, we’re supposed to bloody stick together. You can have your opinions, but don’t start bad mouthing them and calling them unnecessary, insulting names. Do not slut shame that girl wearing the shorts because you are jealous of her figure or her boyfriend or girlfriend, or whatever else. No honey, no.

So basically, please stop the slut shaming thing. Please stop making comments about what people are wearing. Please stop harassing people in the street because of what they wear. Do not call somebody a slut because of what they wear or because you’re jealous either of them or the attention they’re getting, whether you’re romantically connected or not. Just stop it, please.

It annoys me so much I legit do not know how to phrase any of this properly.

Stay safe and stay happy, Angels ❤


4 Replies to “Slutty or Just Jealousy?”

    1. You are easily one of my favourite people right now! There’s so many people who just don’t get it or think that people are overreacting, it was a joy to write/rant about! And thank you, I thought so too ❤

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