Rant Time: The Unfashionable Trend of Culling

Hello, Angels

I’m angry. I am very, very angry, and no, this has got nothing to do with fashion, make-up, or clothes. It isn’t a playlist, or a cosplay complaint, or updates. This is me, angry, and needing to rant.

If you know me personally, follow me on tumblr or twitter, you will know I adore animals. I prefer animals to most people, they’re not judgemental, they’re not gonna bitch about you behind your back, and if they are a pet, they are loyal and love you. It’s one of the reasons I think Gege is in fact a new type of animal, but let’s move along from that point.

I quite often sit back and keep my opinions to myself. I will quietly mull everything over and then speak out, and it is what I have done with this, and many topics you will see coming up soon. Today, I will be posting three times; I have another Halloween make-up look to post, and today is the day of hair-dye. But over the next few days, be expecting a few posts, because I think that there are things that should be spoken about, and we all know I am a highly opinionated, bluntly honest person.

What actually brough this to my attention was Chris Packham: I love Chris. I love how he fits New Order song titles and The Cure song titles into what he’s saying on TV, it amuses me to no end, and I admire how much he cares about animals and nature and wildlife. I also admire that he will talk about his views and opinions upon that subject, even if he will get backlash, and honestly, I quite often agree with him: especially in this case.

The long and the short of it is that he disagrees strongly with both the badger and the fox culling. The reason they’re being killed is that badgers can carry TB, and effect the wildlife in the countryside, and therefore possibly pass it on to us. But no, instead of catching the badger, and testing to see if it does in fact have TB, and if not, letting it free, our sick, sick government has decided people will get a £100 reward for each badger they kill. No matter if it has TB or not, you see a badger, kill it, no matter how innocent and disease free it’s life is. Well, excuse my language, but I think if you have that view to just kill every badger in sight, you can fuck right off.

I agree that the cull is wrong. I also think that Mr Packham being fired is wrong because he dares point out that it’s sick and really not a great thing to be doing. If anybody had an ounce of actual sense in their heads, they would also realise this, and I hope to God the BBC find their brains and do not fire him.

Think of it this way, when it comes to wildlife, who are you going to trust and believe: a ponce on a horse who is controlling the BBC, or a person who has been making TV shows on wildlife since maybe the 80’s? Are you going to believe somebody who knows next to nothing and just likes to hunt the foxes and badgers, or somebody who knows a lot on the subject? If you’re going with the pig lover and the BBC he controls, you need to actually stop and think for a minute because in the nicest way possible you’re being silly and a little idiotic.

I’m gonna end this quickly as I have a lot more to say about this, but it’d be one of the longest blog posts imaginable. But, I’m Team Packham all the way: he knows what he is talking about, and let’s be honest, he’s a pretty amazing person. I’d be his friend, he’s fab.

Stay safe and stay happy, Angels

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