Superdrug Copper Dye Review/ Journey

Hello, Angels!
I have returned again, and this time, with some very exciting news on a change in my life. If the title was not enough of a hint, yes, the raven black locks have been dyed, and have become copper! I did dye it once before hand, I cannot lie to you, but just so it was slightly lighter so the colour would take a little better, but it basically went a light brown. Now, it is very much copper and very much bright.

Just to remind you all, here is what my hair looked like before:
That is unedited: my hair was a very, very dark brown and basically black. It was very pretty and I loved it, but a change in my life resulted in a change of my hair, and this was my colour change of choice. Again, my hair was dyed once before this with the same dye, and the results were very very good:
But, my roots needed doing, so I thought we may as well brighten the whole lot up. My hair did have left over red highlights and streaks in it from the left over henna from awhile back which refused to leave my hair, but the difference now is dramatic, I promise :’) If you have very long, very thick hair like I do, two boxes will be needed for the original dying, but only one is needed for fixing up my roots.

I look thrilled. I know, but walking around with dye on your head is never really a pleasant experience, but the lengths we go to for beauty 😉 The smell of the dye isn’t really that good at all. I mean, my cats ran away from me. But, again, no dye really smells that good, does it? It was left on for around 20 minutes, and then combed through to lighten the hair lower down my head. That was then left on for another 10 minutes, then washed out. I suggest throughly washing it and shampooing twice, using the conditioner that comes in the box in order to kee the hair in good condition and keep it bright.

This was taken the night it was done, in pretty poor lighting, but you can tell the difference. It was actually in better condition than when I first started dying it, my split ends come up less, and my hair is always shinier and a lot softer. I’m unsure whether that is because I leave it a month between dying it, or if it is down to the fact that I make sure I condition it more and leave the conditioner on for longer, but it is in great condition and growing a lot faster and healthier. My advice? Let the hair dry naturally while using chemical dyes; otherwise you have the damage done from the chamicals and heat damage, no matter what heat protection sprays you use, and your hair will soon feel like straw. Let it dry naturally for awhile before styling, and avoid using too much heat on it.

Now this is it in decent light. Look at my fringe, it looks bloody wonderful. The darker hair is the hair at the back of the head: due to it not being in the light much, the hair is always darker, whether it your natural hair or dyed hair. There are now a mass of blonde-ish, coppery tones in it, and I am on my way to being ginger, after only two attempts with the colour: both having a massive altering effect each time.

The brand I use? Superdrugs own: Copper Vibrance in 8:34 Rich Copper Gold. No, my hair is not the bright (yet) but the difference between the first picture and the last is astounding. After attempting to use a more expensive, ‘better’ brand prior to this one being used, that claimed it was one of the best on the market and it not even touching my hair, I think we have found a winner. And, it is kind to my pocket too, only costing me £5 a box, and Superdrug often have a 2 for £5 offer on their hair dyes, so I am covered for awhile. The more expensive one cost around £8. I think I’ll stick to the cheap, cheerful and colour accurate one, thank you very much.

So, to all my angels that want to be gorgeous gingers, I highly suggest Superdrugs own. The others, more expensive, don’t last as long (my hair stayed bright for a little over a month) and aren’t as nice on your purse. This is an amazing product, and I highly reccomend it. Of course, you need to stay safe and protected, and do a skin test first to make sure you have no reactions to it.


Stay safe and stay happy, Angels ❤

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