Albums of the Year: 2015

Hello, Angels!
I hope you all had an amazing Christmas, and were all spoiled rotten; I know I certainly was, as I am currently writing this surrounded by books that want to be read, series that want to be watched and CD’s which are dying to be listened… which brings us nicely onto by Albums of the Year. Looking back, this was supposed to be a fahion and beauty blog, and while it still is that and I have amazing things lined up, it has also taken a twist to a musical route, and music being a very strong passion of mine, I can’t really be too surprised, though me describing songs and albums is painful, so forgive me πŸ˜‰
I was asked to list by top 10 albums of 2015 in no order because I can’t actually decide, and so, I thought I would go right ahead and do that, so enjoy, little Angels πŸ˜‰

10) Future Hearts- All Time Low
All Time Low were actually the band that got me into punk pop. And I have been an avid fan since, them being a band I quite often turn to when I need cheering up or when cleaning, surprisingly. Future Hearts is a masterpiece, my personal favourite being Something’s Gotta Give, with a catchy beat and a music video that honestly had be giggling throughout, follwed by Kids in the Dark being a song I listen to quite often on the bus, and inspiring me to write some songs of my own of a similar theme to me: to me, it reminds me of being the underdog and such and coming out on top. Strongly suggest if you need cheering up.

9) Blurryface- Twenty One Pilots
I was late to discover Twenty One Pilots. I only discovered them after relentless tumblr posts and after my friend Mollie made me listen to them, and since then, I have liked them a damn lot, even the music snob that is Dan (my brother) admitting he liked them. Lyrics wise, they are amazing. The lyrics are in fact my favourite thing about them, and to me, they are so indirect they’re relatable, and they flow and stitch together perfectly and tell a story. Every song is different and so much work has been put into each one, and I honestly think it’s beautiful. I can’t pick a favourite song on the album, but I find myself turning Stressed Out on a lot, especially when I need to think stuff through and calm down.

8) Smoke and Mirrors- Imagine Dragons
This is down to Gege and her influence. I always liked them, but I was never a massive fan, and there are songs I hate on the album because they get stuck in my head for days and nothing will shift them (I Bet My Life, I’m looking right at you, dammit), but I think that is an idea of how good the album actually is. My favourite? Warriors by far; it reminds me of going into battle and I feel pretty badass while listening to it. Dan Reynolds has done it again with his voice, never failing to stun me and give me voice envy. To all of the band though, I saulte you and your talent.

7) Black Lines- Mayday Parade
FINALLY! Anybody who has read past blog posts linked to music will see that I fangirled HARD when this album was released, and I am so very proud of that god damn band. The whole thing is just flawless, and just yes. To me, this album has had heart and soul bloody poured into it, and you can tell from the first five minutes. My favourite by far is Until You’re Old Enough which at the same time as calming me down brings me to tears with how beautiful the lyrics are. Even the songs that seem upbeat are kind of sad and you don’t realise until you actually think about the lyrics and dammit. If you can’t tell, I do love this album a lot, and I am a Mayday Parade fangirl. So… Well done boys, you made me feel things and cry a lot.


6) Ones and Zeros- Young Guns
I had been waiting for this album since last year and I was not disappointed at all. They came back with a bang and I honestly think while this is one of my favouite albums of the year, it’s also one of the most underrated ones. While I see people fangirling about so many others, there is so little love for this album, it honestly makes me sad, because it is so good, and so uplifting. Again, lyrically, it is a masterpiece, but nobody is talking about how good the damn lyrics actually are. Shout out to Young Guns for being an amazing, very underrated band- I loe ya lots!

5) Revival- Selena Gomez
Yes, this one breaks the theme running, but can we take a minute to point out that Ms Gomez is KILLING IT recently? I have always had a soft spot for her, but now I don’t actually care who knows, I have no shame. This album is brave and actually a really good pop album. Her voice is stunning, and she actually caught my attention from the get go this year with Good For You with A$AP, that being the song I actually still work out to. She is actually a very sweet, very hard working young woman, and I have so much love for her right now. Same Old Love has actually been my soundtrack and a song I turn to in those slightly weak moments. I feel ya, Selena, and I am very proud right now.

4) American Beauty/ American Psycho- Fall Out Boy
PART OF THE HOLY TRINITY OF EMO. Yes, I am unashamed that I fangirled very hard when this was announced and so very unashamed that I belt out Centuries whenever I get the chance to. Georgia was lucky enough to have a lovely sister who took her to see them live and dammit, I was so very, very jealous. Do I really need to talk about this album? It is as perfect as every past album they have done, and as perfectly pop punk and badass as before. I love them, I will be a fan when I’m 90 and probably on a motorbike or soemthing. I love the album and I love them.

3) Confident- Demi Lovato
I am a die-hard fan of Ms Lovato, and have followed her career since I was an actual child and not a 17 year old who still acts slightly like a child. The lead singles on this album were catchy and made me dance. In fact, I would go as far as to say bloody Cool For The Summer was my Summer anthem, while Confident keeps me feeling good about myself and able to walk around with my head held high and stood tall. Wating For You though, if by far my favourite, and those damn lyrics are relatable, while staying within the theme of strength and powering through. Do not mention Stone Cold to me. Don’t go there unless you want a mess in the corner, just don’t. Very proud of Demi, who is an adorable, badass Queen in my eyes.

2) Sounds Good Feels Good- 5 Seconds of Summer
If you have been around lately, you will have been made aware of my love for this band. Musically, they are amazing, and not a ‘typical boyband’ as many call them; they can actually play instruments and write lyrics that have the ability to bring me to tears… while on a bus*cough* Broken Home *cough*. While as people, I think they’re all adorable and sweet, who very obviously care deeply about their fans and also care about the music that they release. I could not pick a favourite song on the album, please do not try and make me because that is a cruel, impossible task. It was released only pretty recently, but still, it is at number 2 on my list, and only just missed out on number one, and you will find out why in a moment. But thank you 5 Seconds of Summer for being your sweet, unbelievably talented selves. Much love ❀

1) Into the Wildlife- Halestorm
This is why they missed out. If you don’t understand why, you must be new here and allow me to explain: Halestorm are probably one of the reasons I want to go into the music business in some form. Lizzy Hale is a goddess among humans, and that voice is proof enough to show that she is a rock angel, and not human, and I am every so slightly in love with her. Arejay Hale is also a God: the drumming that he does is amazing and I do not understand how and flawless and inhuman and he is bloody adorable, congratulations to the Hale parents, you done good. Josh Smith is a beast on bass and inspires me every day to pick up my bass and play, although some days I still don’t because I procrastinate too much, but even still. He is so very, very talented and so ignored, so please stop, he deserves so much more credit than he gets. And Joe Hottinger, basically takes a guiatr and shreds it to pieces and leaves me realising I could never play guitar in that way and leaves me wondering if he sold his soul to the devil for that level of skill. Now, all of that in a band, and they’re good. On the first album, I was blown away. Their second was and still is one of my favourite albums of all time. But this? How on earth was this created, and how are four people so talented to create this? I can’t even begin to pick a favourite, but I can pick two which are close to my heart: What Sober Couldn’t Say (for very obvious reasons if you either know me personally or have been reading this blog for awhile, this song described it all perfectly for me) and Dear Daughter, as I think we all need support at times, and we need reminding from people who are unbiased that we are worthy and beautiful people, and this song does that for me personally. This album is a gift just by being created. I cried when I got it for Christmas.

That is both me while hearing about this album, listening to this album, reading about this album, and also from Card Captors and that anime was my childhood.

This was a very, very difficult list to make, as there have been other amazing albums out such as Motorhead and their 22nd album being released this year, Shinedown releasing new stuff, and basically this took a long time for me to think about and choose, but I have connections and obligations to all of these bands and their music.

Stay safe and stay happy, Angels ❀

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