RibeNIA…Hair Transformation

Hello, Angels!

Well, the ginger has gone, and in its place is a radiant halo of a sunset purple and rose gold, all thanks to Adores Violet Gem hair dye ๐Ÿ™‚

I will admit, it took two goes to get it the colour it currently is, but we were going straight from ginger to purple, so that is to be expected honestly: so, as a word of advice, to all my dark haired and ginger readers out there, it’s better if you can bleach before you dye, unless you like the sunset look: which I really, honestly ADORE (get it? Because the dye brand is called Adore?) and I honestly feel fierce ๐Ÿ˜‰

So, as a reminder, this was me while ginger:

You see? I was pretty ginger, kinda verging slightly on blonde in some parts, but I was clearly ginger, my hair different shades, and also, we today learn that the best selfies I take are in my bathroom, and my bathroom walls are an amazing colour. Now, remember that Adore dye is semi permanent (FUN FACT: I have so many problems saying that word) and the Superdrug dye I was using was permanent, so there was already a problem that hit. But, this was our first go: it worked well, but I was still very much ginger, and it was mostly pink, and not at all really that purple other than in the fringe area:
You see? You can still see a lot of the ginger colour, though the top layer is very pink/purple, it didn’t take as well in the middle layer. We actually bleached the back so it’d get a different colour, and that went a shocking pink/purple colour. So, I got home, and Momma Shea (of the hair wizard as she is now called) said we would go over it again. This was only a day after, so I would also like to say that my hair is still amazing quality, so that says something about my hair, the dye an the talent my mum possesses. So, this is the current final stage, but there is more to come, and I will explain why in a second.
If anybody reading follows me on Instagram (if you don’t, you should- the link is in my contact page) you will have seen the picture of me, and I know, I really don’t look that bright, but beneath those follicles and in that simple looking head I have an amazing brain, I promise ๐Ÿ˜‰ But can we take a second to compare the picture above to the picture before?ย  My hair is now completely rose gold and a plum colour, my fringe an amazing purple colour with a streak of the rose gold colour, and yes Angels, this is over bright, permanent dyed ginger hair.

I will be dying it again: I’m leaving it two weeks then doing a quick round to top up the colour and brighten it up a bit, which you can do with semi permanent dyes without too much damage- but you HAVE to take care of your hair and condition and have a hair mask every week or so to keep it in decent condition.

So I can safely say I’ll be buying from Adore again, because they are amazing dyes, and they do give dimensions of colour- I adore being a purple sunset, and I think I pull it off pretty damn well, even if it is a shock when I wake up in the mornings after being ginger for a good 6/7 months.

So, there is my hair journey, and now you can see why Ultraviolet was my song of the day the other day… and here is today’s song of the day and the song today is actually one of my all time favourite songs, and is also kind of fitting, I think ๐Ÿ˜‰


Stay safe and stay happy, Angels โค


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