Music Review: Devil Pup, Lonely in Bergen

Hello, Angels!
May I just say that first of all I am no longer adoring Adore Hair dye? But that is for a different post and a different rant, but just a quick mention seeing as many of you have asked about it recently.

But you know what doesn’t make me rant or angry is the new EP by Devil Pup, which I was asked to review and I’m now I’m hooked. Lonely in Bergen is a 14 track EP that lasts around 46 minutes, and those 46 minutes were easily the most relaxing moments of my life, ambient sounds swirling around me and letting me just let go for awhile.

From about a minute in to the first track called Atlas (Is Waiting…) I felt as if it should be part of a film: not a horrible cheesy teen flick either. An actual decent film which is more than just parties and vampires and such. It created an atmosphere that drew me in, and through the whole of the 46 minutes, it carried on that atmosphere and told a story. So, if by any chance anybody looking to make a filmscore, or looking for somebody to be on a soundtrack, I highly recommend Devil Pup; the music will not only tell it’s own story but help your own flow with such ease.

By far my favourite tracks would be track 6 (Early Morning in Westminster) and track 7 (Kamran Alan). To me, they have a romantic feel to them: they make me want to fall in love and made me remember love… the happy times that love involved, not the majority of how we all know my past love went 😉 But at the same time as I was all warm and fuzzy inside, it made me feel kind of sad and lonely. It takes a lot for a piece of music to take you into a certain place or mood, but these two tracks were almost sewn together and made you feel everything that you do when it comes to love: warmth and that full feeling in your chest and happy, but also lonely and sad. They were honestly beautiful.

It isn’t often that you hear singing throughout these tracks, but when you do, it first of all matches the tone of the songs: dreamy and creates an atmosphere. A story is told in few words, and just lets the music do the talking, and that is unusual these days. But, that voice is also a gorgeous voice: full of soul and so soft and beautiful that my heart melted when I first heard it. Then, it took me awhile to figure out who it sounded like, and I came to the conclusion that the voice reminded me of four singers from bands I like a lot:

  • Thom Yorke (Radiohead)
  • Dan Smith (Bastille)
  • Tom Smith (Editors)
  • Jack Steadman (Bombay Bicycle Club)

Now, these are all compliments: I’m a massive fan of all of these bands, and if you merged the best qualities of all of these voices together, you would get the voice of Devil Pup. It is a quirky sounding voice, but it is so sweet and gentle… I’m definately a fan.

Basically, I haven’t got enough good things to say about this, and thank you so much to Devil Pup for asking me to review this, because first of all, you now have a fan for life; I’m deeply in love with this music and will support as much as I can. Second of all, people need to hear this, so for the love of God go and listen because you won’t regret it. Lonely in Bergen is actual artwork, and should be in the charts, and Devil Pup should be one of the acts to save current music; it’s pretty damn amazing.

So, I thought I would link you to the Soundcloud page where you can find Lonely in Bergen, because who needs to to searching for hours when you can have a direct link? 😉


Stay safe, stay happy and go Check out Devil Pup, Angels 😉 ❤


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