Live Colour Mystic Violet Review

Hello, Angels!
Well, we’ve had a hell of a time with my hair, but I think we’re on to a good thing. First of all, I will take you on the journey of what the hell happened to my hair, and where we are at the moment and hopefully will be for awhile, because I love my dark hair, and I do feel I look better with dark hair. But, here we go: prepare yourselves, Angels…

This is where we left off: the Adore dye gave the impression that I would adore it and the colour would be vibrant and last… well, all I can say is that it definitely didn’t, even with me topping up the colour with every wash, the colour faded and didn’t look that good at all. This was disappointing after I gave such a good review, but we live and learn, and it may actually just be that my hair is awkward.

This was my hair just before we dyed it with the new dye on Sunday. You see, it is nowhere near the pretty, vibrant, ultra violet purple that it was on the photo before. It is still pretty, and I do look like a sunset which I completely rocked and loved, but it wasn’t what I was going for: I wanted purple, and this was not it. In about 2 weeks, where I maybe washed my hair 4 times, it went from the vivid colour shown in the picture before to this. It’s very clear that the top layers and the majority of my hair is ginger, and the underside is pink, with random purple patches: I liked it, it was pretty, but how poor the dye actually lasted was disappointing.

This is where we are now: let me just say, taking pictures of dark purple hair, or in fact anything purple is really bloody difficult, so this picture doesn’t do the colour justice at all. At school, my friends have named it ‘Midnight Purple’, and that describes it pretty well: the colour is dark and vivid purple that does look almost back in some lights, and then the light hits it and I’m suddenly a walking berry. How did this transformation happen? Well, we’re getting onto that 😉

I went and bought Schwarzkopf LIVE Intense Colour 087 Mystic Violet Hair Dye and then simply dyed it a few days later. It is a permanent dye, so it doesn’t wash out so easily, but a warning for you: for a few washes, it does run a little, and your towels will be a tie-dye purple (so sorry, Momma Shea). It only took one go for it to go this colour, whereas with the Adore dye, to get it to the purple colour it took two and constant reapplications of dye, which actually didn’t help at all. I have washed my hair today, and I can say although it did run and terrify me in case the ginger had appeared again, I definitely am still completely purple, so I will update you on how the colour looks in the next few days, but I have a gut feeling that it’s going to work out pretty well 😉

The dye does come with the standard gloves, as well as the usual dye (obviously) and the developer. The only fault that I can find other then the dye running is that the gloves do leak, so Momma Shea’s hands were a little purple looking afterwards, but it came off easily. My advice is to either double glove, or buy better plastic gloves which you just use for hair dye purposes- a must for anybody who dyes their hair often.

Thank you for listen to my babbling about dye and coming on this journey with me. Hopefully this dye will actually work, or there will be another mini rant/review in the next few weeks- pray for me, Angels.


Stay safe and stay happy ❤


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