Mini Rant: The ‘Summer Body’

Hello, Angels!
It’s not going to be a long, post today, but at least I am posting, and I am posting something of actual substance.

It’s that time of year when the question of if you’re working for your ‘bikini body’ or ‘swimsuit body’. And honestly, although I do exercise and I am fit, I always cringe at the question; in no way am I ready to bare all on a beach. In no way am I ready to show off in some shorts. Then I got to thinking, Angels, and I wondered why?

Why can I not flaunt what I have without being afraid of being judged? Why can I not bring myself to actually buy that bikini that is having a great time in my basket? Why do I refuse to buy shorts unless I promise I’ll do my squats and lunges (which I have been keeping to, for your information)? The answer is simple: nobody ever thinks they’re ready unless they’re super confident or a bloody model. And yes, I include everyone in this; being insecure of your body doesn’t just happen to us girls.

So you know what? Here you go, Angels:

I am in no way at all the biggest person, just like in no way am I the smallest. I have curves, and I am damn proud of them: my waist is tiny, my thighs thick and my butt is pretty damn big. I’m a UK size 10, with the thighs and butt of a 12/14, and a waist of about an 8. I shouldn’t be ashamed to show my body, because NOBODY should be ashamed.

Your body is nothing but a shell that carries you around. It’s the inner beauty that matters, as cliche as it sounds. And you have to remember: people come in all shapes, sizes, ethnicities: each and every one of us is unique. But there’s going to be somebody on this earth that things you’re hot as hell and you sold your soul to be that attractive. There is somebody who is going to love your tiny tummy, or your bigger hips, or your hairy chest. There will be somebody who loves how skinny you naturally are (and possibly be a little jealous), and somebody who loves the fact that no matter what, you have a little extra padding to cuddle up to. The secret? You have to start with loving yourself for that first.

Recently, I grew to love the fact I have a little tummy; it means I can eat a full 14″ pizza and cake, while some of my friends bloat after half a burger, God bless their souls. I have grown to love the fact that my thighs are thunderous and I could probably crush somebody’s skull with them, and the fact that my hips are a lot bigger; it makes my tiny waist look even bloody tinier.

You know what? Those pictures are taken in bad light, with a not so great camera. But I still look pretty damn good on them, and I’m happy with what I have, and I know one day, I’ll find somebody who is happy with the real thing.

So this year, don’t cringe when somebody mentions having a swimming costume or swimsuit body; you know how you get that? You put whatever form of swimwear you’re wearing on your body. Then you’re done: you have nothing to be ashamed of. You’re you, and your body is simply a shell. We all have imperfections and flaws, and if people are spending enough time staring to find every one of yours, then they must either be really insecure, or just trying to find fault with what they wish they were or had.

Stay safe and stay happy, Angels ❤


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