I’m a Little Lippy?

Hello, Angels!

First of all, my lack of posting is due to the revision and homework I’m doing as I’m sitting my AS levels over the next few weeks: my philosophy of religion one is on Thursday, so forgive my absence, but I will post when I can πŸ™‚

Second of all, there will no longer be ‘Gege’ as she hates it and I’m afraid of being thrown again. Her name is Georgia and she terrifies me.

But, there is a major update in the beauty area of Nini’s life, which almost made Georgia (see, I said I’ll do it, betch) pass out.

Yes, the lip has finally been pierced, and if you follow me on Instagram (if you don’t, you should, I’m sentimental, adorable and hilarious) you’ll have already seen this, and I’m here to answer a few questions which people and friends have asked.

  • Yes, it does hurt: you’re basically paying for having a needle and a piece of metal impale your face. But, it does completely depend on your pain fresh hold, mine is pretty high when it comes to stuff like this, so for me it felt like a deep cat scratch or a painful injection.
  • Yes, the needle is big, but it would have to be tin order to get through your lip, or in fact any cartilage. Don’t make the mistake I did and look at the needle, it makes it a lot scarier than it actually is and you tense up more, meaning it inevitably hurts more.
  • PLEASE eat before you get it done: if not, you do end up going into shock. For me, I didn’t, and a mix of seeing the needle, it being incredibly hot and not eating meant I very nearly passed out and my mum (who got her helix done for the third time because I have a cool mum who will go and get pierced with me) had to go and get a terrified Georgia to go and get me something sugary to fix my blood sugar. So please: eat before you get tattooed or pierced.
  • You don’t have to get it done with a ring, but I do suggest you do: with studs, they often put it on too big for account of swelling, but after your lip is no longer swollen, it will just point out and have loads of room. A ring accounts for swelling, and most places will suggest that you get a ring any way, although you do knock it more and it’s a pain to eat.
  • You need to avoid makeup in the area of the piercing for a good few weeks: I’m leaving mine for another 3 weeks before I can put lipstick on, and I just bought a load, so it’s slowly killing me. This is just to keep it clean.
  • Use salt water 2-3 times a day: you don’t need to buy any solution, sea-salt water is enough to cover it. But, avoid mouthwashes with alcohol in; mouthwash for sensitive teeth is enough to cover it as there’s no alcohol in it. Clean it after you eat for obvious reasons, but don’t over clean it.

But, there is another reason I’m ‘getting lippy’.
I am an educated, blunt, opinionated, honest, stubborn young woman. If you’re nice to me, I’m nice to you. If you annoy me, I will tell you. It’s why I can’t stand being called a liar, because get to know me, and you’ll find I am far, far from it. I’m actually probably too brutally honest for my own good. So, if you message me critising my points of view, I will retaliate. I don’t like conflict, it makes me uncomfortable, but being insulting towards me and contradicting your own views and making me out to be an idiot will not be tolerated. If you start judging me, I won’t judge, but I’ll be my opinionated, sassy self. And, I also have very opinionated, sassy friends who will defend me in a heartbeat and get as annoyed with hypocrisy and contradicting themselves as me. Emma x2 and Georgia are part of my army, don’t mess with us πŸ˜‰

Here is my song of the day, Angels: I’m slightly obsessed at the moment, and actually with just Hozier in general.

Stay safe and stay happy, Angels ❀

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