Music Review: King Kofi- Just a Dude in Need of a Chance

Angels, I’m back!
Exams are going to be over tomorrow, so I’m now free to write again, and I’m less stressed, so a little less rant-y. I’m fine, I’m safe, my family is fine and safe, Georgia is fine and safe: stop worrying your little heads 😉

I was out last week with Georgia, and I got a message on Instagram, asking if I could do a review of an up-and-coming artists album. We all know, I’m here to support artists and boost them; coming from a musical family, I know the struggle, so I’m happy to support them and give them little reviews along the way.

So, first off before I get into the music, the artist (King Kofi), is lovely; I’m used to people trying to demand reviews or just spamming my accounts to get noticed, and honestly, I just delete the messages and comments because I find it rude. You can ask King Kofi how to get people to promote you: be polite, friendly, and patient. So first off, I appreciate that.

Just A Dude In Need Of A Chance (album artwork).jpg
Moving onto the music now though. ‘Just a Dude in Need of a Chance’ is a 10 song album, going to be released on the 10th of June, which I was lucky enough to preview. The album starts out on a peaceful, calming note for me personally: it helped me think and relax. Then, it takes a little change for track 5 and 6, where things start to get a little more lively, before calming again. I got a feel of pretty early Drake and Future throughout it through the themes and the way tracks were produced, and with what I assume is little backing, shows a lot of talent and dedication.

For me, the standout tracks were track 6 (King Kofi- Theme Song) which was a lot more upbeat than the rest of the album, and also track 9 (Jabsterz), which was honestly the shining glory of the album for me personally; the producing on it was at its best, and the lyrics were woven together perfectly.

For me, the lyrics are the standout best thing for me, touching upon topics that should be spoken about and discussed more, as well as occasionally making me smile a little. As a lyricist, he is talented; there are usually a massive group of people writing for people, and again, I assume it’s written alone or at least with very few people, so it is outstanding and should be appreciated. As somebody who does write for people and also writes in general, I can appreciate how it is difficult and how it takes a lot of time and a lot of drafts to do it.

Along with every album, there is room for improvement, but I am in no way qualified to say what that improvement could be; I’m not a rapper, and I don’t listen to a lot of rap. I would have liked some of the songs to be more like track 5 and 6; they gave you a quick glimpse at the personality behind the music, and they did make me smile.

Press Image 1.jpg
Honestly, I did enjoy listening to this; it made me smile, made me think, and allowed me to write about something I’m not usually going to write about; I’m definitely not the biggest rap fan. I can actually imagine this being in the charts; although as stated better than the typical chart music, the stuff which isn’t as typical is coming out more and more often, and with a little work and fine tuning, this could be on there.

I wish King Kofi the best of luck and urge you to go listen to ‘Just a Dude in Need of a Chance’ when it releases on Friday, and I will of course add the link to the post I put up on Friday, and update this then too. Until then, I will link you to his Soundcloud profile, so you can listen to his other stuff 🙂

Stay safe and stay happy, Angels ❤


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