Colour Freedom Crimson Red (062) Review

Hello again, Angels!
It is a double post day, you lucky things! It would have been up a lot quicker, but my internet crashed and didn’t save the post, so I’m not exactly the happiest of people right now, but hey ho, here’s the second attempt 😉

We all know I started dying my hair purple in March using Live XXL Mystic Violet hair dye, and while I’m still purple, I recently switched to Superdrugs own Cosmic Purple seeing as it is usually a 2 for 1 offer, and it’s not tested on animals.
But, with purple, due to it being a red based dye, it fades very, very quickly, as all red dyes and red based dyes do. It’s not really a down point, because it’s what you’re getting into when you dye your hair.
While being a bit annoyed about how quickly it was fading, Momma She suggested using a red based dye to keep my colour topped up and have more definition to it, and seeing as my mum is excellent when it comes to hair, I thought I’d trust her, and off I went to look for different dyes. From that, I came across the Colour Freedom range, and found the perfect shade in Crimson Red.


Now, I’ll give a quick little bullet point review, but I think the before and after pictures will be enough to show the difference it can make.

  • The formula is incredibly creamy, so very, very easy to apply, I think as long as you had a mirror, you’d be able to do it yourself honestly, as I’ve found with most semi-permanent dyes
  • The cost, while a steep £6.99, is worth every penny: it left my hair in amazing condition, it worked wonders, and actually did give me a massive confidence boost, just because of how pretty my hair looked
  • The smell didn’t sting your eyes as a lot of hair dyes do, which anybody who dyes their hair knows is a massive bonus point
  • It hasn’t been tested on animals, and that should say enough

The best review though is the proof of the difference the dye makes:
This was the colour we dyed over: not freshly dyed, because as we learned from the Mystic Violet review, my hair goes black after first being dyed, which is the same with the Superdrug dye, but this was a few washes afterwards. Still pretty dark, right?

The picture on the right is out of natural light (and me first thing in a morning, so please forgive me) and the left is what it it looked like when the sun hit it. Seeing as this is a semi-permanent dye over a dark permanent dye, I think we can agree that the difference is pretty damn good.

I will just say on the downside that it does stain your scalp, and I of course recorded this, so warning: pictures of a distressed looking Nia coming up.

As I said: it stains your scalp, and I was in distress. You can also tell it was awhile ago from the scarring: the majority of that has faded completely now after a careful diet and strict looking after my skin.

This was at the end of last month, so since then I have dyed it again, and my hair has been cut, since the bottom few inches of my hair were completely dead and felt like straw. But, I have still been conditioning with red dye, and it’s back to a similar colour, but actually even more pink and rose gold in some lights this time.

I have been purple for nearly 5 months now, and I have got plans for my next hair mission, and if I slowly buy the dyes, it will involve Colour Freedom dyes… I say dyes, because I’m planning on multiple colours 😉

Stay safe and stay happy, Angels ❤



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