Colour Freedom Review: Truly Blue

Hello, Angels!

We will have a double post day, but first, I do have a little review for you 😉
Last time you saw/ heard from me, this was the colour of my hair:


It was a brown/plum colour: very dark, and it looked really, really good. But we all know: my hair changes colour a lot, and I’ve been purple since March- yes, it’s really been that long. So, with the help of my wonderful mother, we decided it was time for a change, and we definitely got a change. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have already seen the mini journey, but we’re going to go into a little more detail here.

Of course I can’t just dye over dark brown hair with semi permanent: the colour won’t take and it’d just be a complete waste of money. So, we stripped the colour back. Yes, that beautiful plum brown was gone and washed away, leaving me with this:



It was honestly a blast from the past, but this time, I was a lot more blonde. Usually, colour strippers take you back to your original colour, but due to the pigment of my hair and due to it being red based, it left a coppery/blonde tone behind, and I honestly loved it. But, it wasn’t the colour we were after, so I left it for a weekend so my hair colour have a bit of a break, then we moved on and lightened it a little bit more. Then, we went in with the final colour.


Yes, we’ve (tried) to go blue, and in some places, it’s really, really taken. But in others, it didn’t take as well, but, I’ll explain to why I am so happy with it after I show you the mini journey we went on.


This was me after one bottle of it, and leaving it on for an hour. As you can see, some parts are very blue, but most of it is a greeny colour, wile other parts were brown, some were a light, murkey green: it didn’t look bad. But the fact some of it was brown was getting me down, so we went in again with a second bottle, and this is what we got:


I think we can agree, this is firmly mermaid hair, while the picture above we nicknamed ‘Swamp Queen’ hair. The blues are more vibrant, and the greens are more emerald than murkey. There are still patches of black, but it works.

So, here’s a little mini bullet point review/advice for you:

  • If you have long, thick hair, use two bottles. Usually you can get away with one, and it says you can usually escape with only using one bottle, but in this case, no. You definitely need more than one. I still have half a bottle, and will probably soon top up the colour, and add a little to my conditioner
  • It is a little expensive, but such a good dye: it does have Shea butter and argan oil in, so it conditions it lovely and does leave it shiny and conditioned, but when not on sale, the dye can cost about £14, which does create a giant dent in your bank account (mine is empty and sobbing right now)
  • It does stain everything it touches, so use plastic bags or have a special ‘hairdye towel’ which you don’t mind being splattered with dye
  • Blues and greens do wash out and fade the fastest, so be perpared to top up every two/three weeks if you wash your hair often: I’ve managed 6 days without washing mine, and I’ll do a post on how to keep your colour for longer
  • I left it on for about an hour, but it does say leave it on for 45 minutes at the most: with semi permanents, you’re able to be a little more lenient, but with permanent dyes NEVER GO OVER THE RECOMMENDED TIME
  • Always do a strand test and skin test with every dye you use: you may not react to one lot of dye, but you may react to another: better to have your hair and use a different dye than to react to your scalp and possibly have to wear wigs (worst case scenario; sometimes a bad enough reaction can make you bald or cause hair loss)

I’m a firm fan of this colour; although more green than blue, I’m thinking of going with the green, so watch this space 😉

Stay safe and stay happy, Angels ❤


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