Unfashionable Side to Fashion Reviews

Hello Angels!

My last post was short, and this one won’t be much longer, but it is a lot more serious, and it answers a question I get asked a lot. Please keep in mine that it’s nearly 11 at night here and I’m tired, so if I don’t make much sense, let me off just this once.

If you’ve been here from the beginning, first of all, thank you for sticking by me through it all, I wouldn’t have been here without you all supporting me and being around, plus, let’s be honest now, I was immature and a little scene kid. I look at my first few reviews and cringe; the quality of pictures is horrendous, I’m trying too hard, and I’m trying to impress people, and imitate people who I watched on YouTube. But I’m not them: I’m Nia.

But I was scrolling through my old posts and my old twitter, at 10 at night, a cup of tea by my side, Amy Winehouse and Alkaline Trio in the background, and I cringed so hard I nearly spilled it on myself. But, while I’m spilling the tea in a literal sense, let me spill the tea in the metaphorical sense too.

Back then, I was desperate. I wanted views, I wanted a fan base, I wanted it all. I wanted the kind of easy life where I could post a few posts, and make a bomb. I was immature. But because of that, whenever I was offered an opportunity, I bounded into it head first, doing whatever these companies wanted. Let’s be honest, we all know that a lot of the wishlist posts, although I love doing them, I only did to try and get noticed, and so I could be connected to all these companies, and because it’s what all these YouTubers were doing at the time.

You know the most ironic thing? Those posts are the ones I get the least views on. Those are the posts which are barely ever clicked on. The ones where I’m me, and I’m reviewing things 100% honestly are the ones that get read the most, and are usually the ones which are most loved.

I feel as if to a certain extent, those companies took advantage of the fact that I was young and naive: I was, what, only just 16 when I started this blog? Not only that, but I was a 16 year old struggling with so many things that any form of recognition and praise was the most precious thing to me. It’s not brought up, but a lot of the time, they say that the more positive the review, the larger amount of budget you get next time. Then, for blogs at least, they set an unrealistic point for people to reach to get that next lot. For me, a 4 month old blog, I was expected to get 500 different people to the site, and I was basically mocked when I got 150, and never contacted again.

If you notice on my twitter feed, a lot of the retweets done for these companies have been taken down, many have been unfollowed, and links to reviews I did for them have been taken down mostly. The reviews are still up here, but I’m not going to give them publicity. I’m not judging those who do work with these companies and I’m not going to war or boycotting them; occasionally, their products are in fact pretty good. I’m just not going to have anything to do with these companies professionally.

If we’re going for 100% honesty, the only companies I’ll 100% recommend are Romwe and SheIn; whenever I’ve purchased from them delivery has been fast, cheap, and customer service has been perfect, and the products themselves are of good quality. Other than that, I can say that the companies are hit and miss, and sizing is all over the place, delivery can be awful, and sometimes you don’t get the advertised product.

Now, here’s reason number 2 for there being less clothing reviews: I’ve joined the Fashion Revolution. This is a project where you buy less from companies and instead buy from charity shops, vintage stores, eBay, or remake and fix up old clothes. Through this, it means that workers over in third world countries get a decent pay for the work that they do, as shops have to put their prices up.

Due to this, I have stopped buying brand new clothes, so I can’t give an 100% accurate review of the items; I didn’t know their original quality. I do occasionally buy something brand new, but other than that, I’m usually spending my money on eBay, Phoenix Apparel (the vintage store I did my work experience in) or any other charity shop. Other than that, I only really buy brand new merch for bands or artists, or occasionally something from Select or a vest top from Primark.

So, these are the reasons for less reviews; I’m buying less, and I’m moving away from working with companies and getting in contact with companies; in many cases, not only were products not that great, but also they weren’t good companies to work with and used you for advertising purposes, or they were just plain rude.

I’m sorry for you if you’ve read the 11PM ramblings of me, but I felt as if I needed to be honest and tell you where there are less reviews, and collaborations with companies. Mostly, because I’ve matured and got a little respect for me, myself, my blog, and most importantly, I feel as if you deserve 100% honesty, and not me to be a puppet.

Stay safe and stay happy, Angels ❤

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