Stargazer: Tropical Green Review

Hello, Angels!

Yes, you get two posts today, the last post was supposed to be posted last week, but due to dodgy internet, it never properly uploaded- forgive me.

But if any of you follow me on Instagram (if not, go and do it HERE; you get an insight into the life of Nia) you’ll know I’ve been green for awhile. But, I’ve learned that reviewing too fast means that it could lead to a downfall, so I’ve given it a good few months before I did review this.

With the Colour Freedom dye, the blue was a little problematic, so I went on the hunt for a similar dye that’d give me good colour, was cruelty free and got pretty good reviews. I actually picked this one because my mum told me too after I said I’d been looking at Stargazer dyes. So, I’ll have a side by side to show you the differences:

Picture one is after we first dyed it blue: it was incredibly pretty, but it wasn’t the blue I was going for, but I still fell in love with it. The next picture is mid- August after a month when it had faded a lot, and parts had started to g brown (despite the fact I’d bleached my hair). The third picture is after I cut it, but the colour that stargazer turned it, without any bleaching. Yes, parts are darker than others, but it is still fully green.

Recently, I topped up my dye, but not because the colour had faded: not at all. I topped it up because the green parts were getting lower and lower due to my hair growing. The damage done to my hair has been due to me using heat on it: the dye itself hasn’t done any damage, and since cutting it again and not using heat, it’s been incredibly soft and silky, with pretty much no damage at all.

So, I’ll get down to the details you’ll really want to know. First of all, I haad very long hair when we first dyed it green: the same length as the second picture. My hair is incredibly thick, even when it’d incredibly damaged, but I only needed one bottle to do the whole of my hair, the second bottle I used to mix into conditioner to keep my colour strong, as I had done with the colour freedom dye.

Dye usually costs about £5. I’m used to using dyes that could cost about £7/8, so I was already saving money, and the quality of the dyes is a lot better: they last longer, colour takes better, they’re completely free of ammonia and peroxide and they’re completely cruelty free.

I love stargazer dye. If you’re thinking of dying your hair, check to see if you have the colour in stock, because they’re the best dyes I’ve used, and I highly doubt I’ll use another brand of semi permanent dye again.

Stay safe and stay happy, Angels ❤


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