Wisdom and Advice

Hello, Angels!

The past few days, I’ve been in an incredibly thoughtful mood. I’ve thought about my past, future, what’s happening right now, and about life in general, and I’ve found out I’m a lot wiser than I thought, and I’ve learned a lot through the past year: I’ve grown as a person, changed almost completely, and I’m a lot thicker skinned.

I know other people have rough times, and people are struggling and may need advice. I don’t know everything. In fact, I’ll be honest, I’m 17 nearly 18, I hardly know anything. But I do know some things, so here: have a little wisdom from me:

  • Love yourself: you are beautiful, you are loved, and you’re worth more than you think.
  • Don’t let the person you have feelings for or you’re in a relationship with manipulate you, change you or use you: you are worth more than that and you’re stronger than letting somebody control you and walk over you.
  • Be you: stop caring if it’s not in fashion, the current trend or style or if your friends like it. It’s part of you and something you love, so own it, be proud of it: you owe it to yourself to let yourself be happy.
  • Ignore the mirror: it’s a scientific fact that we don’t see ourselves the same way other people see us. That tiny spot? Unless you point it out, people won’t care or notice. You’ve gained weight? 80% chance nobody else has noticed or they care. You’ve taken a bad selfie? Child, post it everywhere: if you were happy in the moment, it’s gonna be beautiful, even if it’s just beautiful in an emotional sense.
  • You don’t have to know what you want to do for the rest of your life: who knows what they’re going to do at 16? Who knows what they want to do for the rest of their life at 30? 40? 50? You can go down so many different paths, don’t push yourself to know, you’ve just gonna do what makes you happy.
  • BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU TELL PEOPLE: this was the thing I’ve learn the most: when you first start talking to someone, they may seem like the nicest person in the world. Don’t open up to them too quickly: people have a mask that they put on when they first know someone. When things go bad or after the mask is off, you may find you wish you’d have kept quiet.
  • Not everyone is nice: It connects with the one above, but not everybody is a nice person. Not everybody will really want to be your friend and not everyone will like you. Don’t change yourself for them or worry about them, they’re not worth it: anyone who treats you badly for no reason isn’t a person you really wanna be friends with.
  • Dream big: if you’re gonna do something, go all out.Who honestly cares what others think? If you’re determined and stick with it, who is gonna be in a better position: you, who has achieved so much, or the person who didn’t think they could do it so instead is stuck in a dead-end place they don’t wanna be?
  • You don’t always have to be nice: be a nice, good person, of course. But if somebody has gotten to you, you feel threatened or somebody is just being an arse in general, you don’t have to be nice and take it. Don’t lower yourself to their level, but don’t be a doormat. You can cut the toxic people out of your life and move on ad still be a good person.
  • Listen to Winnie the Pooh: it sounds stupid, but honestly, it’s not just for kids, actually read the messages and listen/read the quotes: they’re deep, and can be lessons for both adults and children. The quotes make me cry, I’m not gonna lie to you: but they make me cry because they hit a nerve and resonate with me.
  • You will make mistakes: you’re gonna make mistakes in life. Whether it be a person, a decision, a situation, something you’ve said to someone, you’re gonna make mistakes and that’s okay, because we learn from them. A mistake only becomes a mistake when you don’t learn and you’re stuck in the same cycle.
  • Set yourself standards: in general life, set yourself standards of what you will and won’t accept. For me, I’ve mostly done this with people such as friends, people I’m romantically interested in and friends. I know people who do it with school and work too: they won’t settle for less than something, whether it be how they act/treat people or work, or how others treat them. Set yourself standards.
  • You’re going to be okay: that’s sometimes all you need. Knowledge in the fact that stuff may be bad now, but you’re going to be okay.

I have got posts like this planned for the next few days because I have thought about a lot recently and how I have changed. Last year, I was a doormat who would be manipulated because I was in a vulnerable position and just needed somebody. Now? Bitch, if you’re gonna mistreat me I’ll make you wish you never met me. Be a nice person, but don’t take crap from anyone. You deserve better.

Stay safe and stay happy, Angels ❤


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