Colour Freedom Stone Grey Review

Hello Angels!

I’m back from the dead, but not properly: I’m kind of a zombie that’s just crawling through life and speaking crap along the way, but I’m here, and I’m here with a review for you 😉

So, I got bored of being green. No, not environmentally friendly, I’m still 99% that, but I got bored of green hair. It was the longest I’ve probably had a hair colour, so it did show I loved being green: it’s just not for me anymore. So, I decided to dye it a different colour, but the main problem with that is, you cannot dye over green. Green and blue are the most difficult colours to get rid of, and most dyes say don’t dye over them, so I had the option to fade it (which I have given tips on how to do in a previous post) and bleach it.

I’ll illustrate the journey with pictures throughout so you can actually see how well this dye works and also how light my hair actually was when I did dye it, and how well the bleach I was using worked.

So, this is what I was starting with:

My hair was a very vibrant green (and my makeup was on point). I cannot fault stargazer dyes: they are amazing and work wonders, they’re brilliant quality. But they refuse to leave. I didn’t want to use bleach on my hair YET, so I took my own advice and started to fade it with anti dandruff shampoo, heat, washing it daily: anything I could do, I did it.

Doing that took me to this level:

It is taken straight from my Instagram, but that’s because Google Plus is being awkward and not letting me see pictures from October 17th onwards. But this is the kind of colour it was: it was faded, and it was a lot more dull, but it wasn’t faded and dull enough, and using heat on my hair so much made it lose it’s elasticity (nothing coconut oil couldn’t fix). So, we decided to bleach after seeing that colour remover didn’t even touch it.

That took me to about this colour, and this was after one big bleach, mini bleachings and coconut oil on my hair for a few hours every day:

As you can see, part of my hair is platinum blonde, parts are still green, parts are blue- I was a faded mermaid with hair that was amazingly still alive. After it was a little more faded, we decided to dive in and dye it grey. This, my angels, is were the review comes in, more than 400 words later.

This is the result I got after the 2 bottles, which would have easily have been enough if I hadn’t have been so determined to get rid of the green:

It took 3 bottles to cover it all, because you aren’t supposed to dye over ‘fashion colours’ with Colour Freedom dye. But, I’d already bought it, so I dove in and did it, buying 2 bottles for the first go, and buying a second the other day to go over some of the more green parts that refused to leave.

This dye is bloody amazing: it covered the green, and it didn’t do any further damage to my hair which the bleach had done beforehand, which are two very, very important factors to me personally.

The price is perfectly reasonable: for a dye which is cruelty free and is a permanent grey dye THAT GOES OVER DARK HAIR, the usual £7.00 mark is more than fair. Colour Freedom are one of the first brands to do a permanent grey dye, and one of the only to make sure that there are shades that go over dark hair, and I think that the price is completely reasonable to pay, especially due to the quality that it is: within 10 minutes my mum said she could see that the dye was developing.

The dye is true to the colour it claims to be: it’s a blue based dark grey (kind of like a slate grey), and it showed up more true to the colour that it was on the box on the parts of my hair that were incredibly blonde, while darker on the other parts of my hair, even coering my brown roots.

The smell is standard for dyes: it smelled like any other chemical  dye that you can get: it smells different to the semi permanent dyes that Colour Freedom do 9which I have also got in Storm Grey to make sure that there are different tones in my hair and that there’s still dimension to it. It also means any other parts that haven’t taken as well will be a little lighter, which I am completely up for- we all know I’m happy with multi coloured hair.

If you’re looking for a good grey dye, I highly recommend Colour Freedom: they have a wide, wide range of different shades, both permanent and non permanent, and I’ve always had pretty good experiences with them- whether I follow the directions or not 😉


Stay safe and stay happy, Angels ❤



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