Plus Size Fashion Needs to Plus Their Standard Size (size 10 is considered ‘Plus Size’?)

Hello, Angels!

I’m back, and I think I have a posting schedule started for next week, but there’s something I need to get off of my chest.

I’ve written and rewritten this since early December, and only now have I edited it, cut it down, rewrote parts, made it longer, and got rid of everything and started again. It took me half an hour to do the title alone. It’s one of those times where I feel passionately about something, so I’m going to end up babbling and ranting, so get your tea ready because I’m going to be spilling some.

We all know I’ve worked with fashion and clothing companies in the past: I’ve done wishlists, reviews, publicity and all in all, it was a waste of time and effort, and also some of them just didn’t treat me well and ended up spamming me with requests I’d already responded to. They don’t work WITH bloggers: most of the time, bloggers work FOR them and get very, very little in return.

But that’s a different rant (which I’ve already had and will link HERE for those who want to read why it angers me so much and what’s gone down). Now, I’ve (sort of) moved on. I have been in contact with companies, and in more than one instance, I’ve had a kind of disgusting response.

We’re not accepting plus size models/ bloggers at this point in time.

If i was plus size, I’d move the fuck on and go somewhere else. In actual fact, I’m not at all plus sized. I’ve said my actual UK clothing sizes before on here, and if I lose or gain weight, they stay pretty much the same. But, just to give you an idea of actual measurements, here you go:

  • Waist: 27″
  • Hips: 35″
  • Bust: 36″ (I wear a 34D/34DD depending on the shop)

I am curvy: I am an hourglass shape, and I d have incredibly wide hips compared to my waist size. But I weight about 9 stone, and I’m 5’5/5’4.5″, which is a completely heathy weight.

I’m not having this rant because I don’t like being called plus size: I admire and look up to so many ‘plus size’ women and a lot of them to me are personally body goals. Talk to me for 5 minutes about female celebrity crushes and you’ll see that. I’d quite happily be a plus size model if I was in fact plus size. What actually bothers me is the fact I’m about a 10/12 and the average size in the UK is a 16. British clothing companies are calling me plus size.

I’m angry because look at the standards that are still being set for little girls. I’ve said this over and over again, and been body positive so many times (I’ll link past posts HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE for you to go and read, because I’ve done this many times before). This time though, instead of just saying the words, I actually have evidence to back to WHY this is a problem to those who apparently don’t see it as one. Studies found that around 81% of 10 years old girls were afraid of being fat. When I was 10, I was afraid of the dark: 10 year old girls are worried about being fat.This carries on into becoming a teenager, and around 15% of these girls go way, way too far eventually becoming anorexia and bulimic. This is carried on into adult hood, where 80% of ALL women, whether they’ve suffered with an eating disorder or not, look at people on TV, in magazines or in the music industry and they feel insecure.

If you can’t see a problem with that, then I can’t help you and you’ve been brainwashed.

But don’t worry- I’m not leaving you men out. I’ve spoken to people who are 10/10. They are Gods among men and I feel unworthy to even look at them, and THEY feel insecure about how they look in comparison to people on TV, films and magazines. A lot of them are trying to achieve the body shape that is seen there: broad shoulders, slim waist, like they’re a triangle. And that body shape sometimes just can’t be achieved. We say women are all shaped differently, but we completely forget that men are human, and men too are shaped differently.

I can’t go into details on the mens side because, hate to break it to you, I’m definitely not a man. But I can say that ment oo feel the pressure, they just don’t let onto it as much or have as much media attention in it as women do. Men can be bulimic and anoriexic: I have male friends who have suffered with both in the past, an it’s horrible that they don’t get as much attention as those who are women do.

I have suffered problems with eating in the past, and God bless them, whenever something bad goes wrong my family and friends are watching me like a hawk to make sure I eat enough and I eat the right things. My friends know when issues with my body have been triggered and it’s as if roles reverse and they become the mother. To this day despite recovering I still look at myself and my body at times and hate it and wish I could be skinnier. I wish my hips were smaller or my waist was smaller or my thighs were smaller. I still suffer now, and to a degree everybody does.

By calling somebody who is a perfect weight plus size, you’re being part of them problem that we have in the world today. Plus size models shouldn’t be as rare as they are, and plus size models for plus size brands should actually be a size 16+. They should be above the average size: don’t have a size 10 representing a brand for bigger women. It’s bloody disgusting.

So there’s that: I’m a tiny, apparently ‘plus size’ angry blogger. Now excuse me while I go eat my fucking burger and pile on some more of those pounds. Hey, I’d be closer to what these companies are expecting me to be 😉


Stay safe, stay happy, and stay fucking beautiful, Angels: no matter your size ❤


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