The Women’s March and Why it’s Important

Hello Angels!

My post schedule is still a work in progress, but I knew that this was an important thing that I had to write about- you didn’t really think I’d not write about this, did you?

The Women’s March is today: January the 21st, 2017. I cannot be in Washington sadly, as I am an 18 year old student without a passport, even if I did have the money to go and march and join so, so many women and men, and I just don’t have the funds to go down to London. But what I can do is write and blog about this, because it’s important.

Today, if you even mention women’s rights, you’re a feminist. The most foul f-word in society today: somebody who believes that there should be equal rights. Not that women should have more rights than men, or that men deserve to still oppress women. The most foul word you can use for some people is a word that originally meant to have EQUAL rights for women, men or any other gender. I’m not an extremist feminist, but I am a feminist: both women and men deserve rights and to be equal in life.

People are taking part in this march for so many reasons. Look at the President of the United States for example : some people march because sexist bigots like him are still voted into power. Somebody who admits they can just (please excuse this, it’s a direct quote) “grab them by the pussy” and they have to allow it. That man is in charge of the United States. That’s one reason I would have to march: people like him still have power.

Some people march because of the pay gap: the fact that in near enough every job, there is still a massive pay gap between men and women. If a women does the exact same job as a man, they still get paid less just because of their genitalia. AS somebody who wanted to be an engineer, I would still face sexism within the workplace, and although ‘crying out’ for engineers, I’d still be paid less than a man and have to fight twice as hard as a man to get respect and to ‘prove’ myself. Sexism in the workplace whether you’re fixing a car or working in an office is still present, and it’s disgusting. That’s one reason why I would march.

Others march because they now have the right to vote: without women campaigning so many years ago women wouldn’t have the right to vote. We would not get to decide who we have in power. Similarly, we wouldn’t have female leaders or female people within government. We wouldn’t be able to speak about or fight for our political views without being shot down and pushed aside. We would have no say in how where we live is ran. That’s another reason why I would march.

Without people still campaigning today, a woman would have no right to say if her child should be born, and this is controversial but still a problem today. I am pro choice: if a woman cannot have a child for any real reason (an abusive relationship, she was raped, her and/or the child was at risk) she should have a right to decide. It’s baby steps, but without campaigning today, people would be born into the world who will not have a good quality of life. If a woman can say why she had a child aborted and have a valid reason, she has the right. That is why I  march.

Without women (and of course men) campaigning women would have no right to a proper education. We would probably still be taught cooking and sewing, but very little else. We’d still be stuck in the Victorian era where we had no chance of getting a job or being able to educate ourselves or our children. Without campaigners in the past, it’s highly unlikely I would be writing this right now. I’d be unable to spell, read, write and possibly even type.

I fight and I talk about women who get overlooked every day. All the female engineers who made breakthroughs, were the first to go to university. All the women who are STILL overlooked and don’t get a mention in news articles  or in the media for achievments they deserve to be recognised for. The female firefighters and police women who are still looked at oddly for being in a ‘male profession’. Just like (to flip it to be completely fair) the men in primary teaching who are looked at strangely for being so rarely connected with the job.

To those who think that feminism, or at least equality is a bad thing, think of your mothers: the woman who gave birth to you. Think of your sisters: the girl in your life who shares your blood. Think of your auntie: the best friend you can have who is actually related to you. Think of your wives: the woman who you apparently care for (though if you don’t think she deserves the same rights as you, I question if you do love her). Think of your daughters: the flesh and blood of you, and how horrible her life would be without the basic rights she has today. If none of that compels you, think of your friends. Imagine your friends suffering and being oppressed. Imagine the pain your friends, the family you choose to have in your life, imagine them having no right to speak, no right to learn and no right to work and live as a normal human being.

For me, that is the real reason why I would march, and the reason why I’m passionate about this. That is the reason I am a ‘Nasty Woman’. The beautiful women in my life who have rights now. They deserve to keep them. And they deserve 100% equality, both bad and good.

If you are marching today, please, please be safe, and I love and respect you.

Stay safe and stay happy, Angels ❤


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