Social Media on Mental Illnesses and Self Care

Hello Angels,

If you’ve read the title, you’ll know that this is going to turn into a rant, but I promise you, I’m actually here to help, I understand and you’re not alone.

Mental illness is a terrible thing, it goes without saying. It’s horrible, and horrible to experience and go through. For me personally, what makes it worse, even at times a mockery, is the way they’re portrayed: I’m sorry, but I’m looking at you Tumblr. I’ve stayed away for a while because I’m fed up of following a pretty sky blog and suddenly there’s dicks on my dash, but also because of how mental illness is shown.

Mental illness isn’t pretty: it’s not pretty delicate crying, it’s not feeling a bit down and it’s not easy. Depression in its strongest forms can leave you unable to get out of bed, unable to shower or put clean clothes on or eating nothing because you can’t bring yourself to and what’s the point when there’s no real taste.

Tourettes isn’t yelling out the word ‘Balls’ or something else funny for no reason: it’s saying/shouting random words because you can’t actually help it, there’s nothing truely funny about it.

Anxiety isn’t pretty panic attacks or being shy: it’s feeling overwhelmed in public, being too scared to talk if you’re not comfortable, panicking and worrying over every little thing no matter how minor. A panic attack isn’t always pretty tears: it can be unable to walk, talk or breathe, it feels as if you’re drowning and there’s pressure holding you down, it’s having to try and breathe and look ahead because it’s the only control you have.

Schizophrenia isn’t simply talking to yourself or telling lies or having a few different sides to yourself. It’s terrifying hallucinations which can delude people into thinking that they’re real: there’s very rarely any violence or multiple personalities: that’s a completely different illness.

Mentally handicapped people are completely overlooked: there is a difference between being mentally ill and mentally handicapped. There are so many things that come under this term, like autism. But these are never thought of when you consider mental illness.

There is one thing that does make them similar: nobody can control having them. A depressed person will not want to be depressed and constantly feel so unworthy. A person with anxiety cannot simply ‘calm down’, they don’t want to be so scared. A schizophrenic will not want to hallucinate and see and believe a fake reality. A mentally handicapped person doesn’t want to be judged or looked down upon or want your pity.

Every person is valid and equal. But the way that mental illnesses are portrayed on social media is wrong: there is nothing glamorous about any of these things, or the many more I didn’t mention. You honestly believe I’m prettily crying while I have a panic attack? No, I’m a sobbing, hyperventilating mess.

The media need to stop making mental illness glamorous. So many young people WANT to be mentally I’ll so they can find somebody to heal them, or ‘put their broken pieces backtogether’. There’s nothing nice about being broken.

Also, don’t be scared if your way of self care isn’t sat in a nice bubble bath with candles and chatting to friends. If your way of self care is crying at 3AM and telling yourself you’re a good, strong person, sweetheart you do that if it’s going to help heal you.

Basically: mental illness isn’t glamorous, it’s not pretty, and people can deal with it however they know works for them AS LONG AS THEY’RE NOT PUTTING THEMSELVES IN DANGER. As soon as somebody becomes self destructive as a way of coping, you get them help immediately.

Stay safe and stay happy, Angels ❤


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