Colour Freedom Graphite Grey review and Hair Journey: I Used a lot of Dyes

Hello Angels!


If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know my hair has recently been through hell of a lot: how I’m not bald, nobody knows, but I’m not, and my hair has been on a journey to say the least. I was going to do specific reviews, but if I did, you’d be spammed with Colour Freedom Reviews.

A quick disclaimer: all of these dyes I bought myself with my own money (which is why I’m poor) and Colour Freedom have not sent me any of them. I’m not working with them, I just use their brand due to them being cruelty free and not as damaging as other dyes, and not yet have I been allergic to any of the dyes.

So, as with most of my hair dyes reviews, I’ll show you how my hair started off:


My hair was a dark grey from the stone grey dye (I’ll leave a review of that HERE). It was healthy, it had been coconut oiled twice a week for a good month, and it was in really good condition, because I knew the amount I’d have to do to it would put it through hell. After you dye your hair, treat it like royalty: you don’t realise how much damage you do until it’s too late. But, to get the ombre look I wanted, I needed to bleach, so I used Colour Freedom’s bleaching kit.

That gave me this very amazing result:


I was pretty much platinum blonde with some slightly darker blonde parts. Some parts did have a green tinge because green NEVER leaves, but it was nothing major. After that, I had bought the Colour Freedom Silver Grey, because you all know me: if I’m gonna have a hair contrast, I wanna go big, I’m not the subtle type.

But, this is the look I got:


What you cannot see is that a lot of it is very much green, some parts are blue, some parts are ever so slightly silver: it’s not the look I was going for, and the Snapchat camera was incredibly forgiving. I wish I had a better picture of it, but that was the only one I got, but trust me: it wasn’t as they advertised.

My advice is to basically be white blonde if you are going to use this, and no matter how many strand tests you do, it’s not always going to work out as you planned or as the strand test showed you. I’d rate my experience with Silver Grey about 2/5- I was not at all impressed in all honesty, which surprised me because I’ve had a pretty good experience with most Colour Freedom Dyes.

BUT did I stop there? Oh did I hell. I decided to try and even the colour out, and branch back into the blues: if my hair is tinged blue, I may as well, right? And of course, I went with Colour Freedoms Stone Wash Denim dye. But you see that picture above? That’s the exact same colour as this one went, it evened out the green a little, but other than that it was exactly the same. I don’t honestly think it’s fair for me to rate this dye though, seeing as it wasn’t done on blonde and done over a dodgy green/grey colour. So as far as the denim dyes go, I actually have no clue, other than it did make my hair look a little less patchy. I’ll have to give it a 2.5/5, just because while it did something, I can’t rate it fairly because I wasn’t bleach blonde.

But, then I used some semi Permanent dye, and this happened:


I turned into a glowing Goddess. I’m joking (kind of), but I used a mix of Colour Freedom Stormy Grey, Misty Grey and Superdrugs own grey semi permanent dye, and it came out an incredibly pretty light grey, and it lasted a few washes, as long as I kept topping it up with the semi permanent dyes. I LOVE Colour Freedom semi permanent dyes: they do keep your colour strong and if you use them a few times, the colour does build up and become incredibly pigmented: they’re so conditioning and they’re really good for your hair, I love them and would use again in the heartbeat. The Superdrugs own semi permanent dye is a gift from the gods: whether mixed with others or used on it’s own is makes such a pretty colour, and even the darker bits of my hair took a slightly darker tinge, it’s heavenly stuff, but at £5 a bottle, no matter how magic it is, I cannot afford that every 2 weeks of so.

The only problem I faced was, as soon as I stopped putting the semi permanent dyes on, the ghost of my past came back:


Last Wednesday, I went to school with my grey hair, a slight green tinge and as annoying as that was because I was going to go out that night (as you can see from the cleavage and the amount of makeup on my face), I could have fixed it on Thursday, scarping together any remaining semi permanent dyes I had. But by about 11 o’clock, it had gone green, and I was frantically texting my mum in lesson (I’m sorry, but my hair had slowly started to become more and more green since I’d left the house and it’d been grey) about what to do. She broke the news to me that I should just dye it dark again and grow out any of the green.

So, Thursday night, I left shampoo on it for an hour or so, and I was produced with this:


I woke up to hair which was kind of blonde, kind of grey, kind of blue, kind of green, kind of brown: I was a grunge mermaid. And to clear this up, I never use a hair dryer unless it’s 100% necessary, so I often go to bed with wet hair so have no idea how my hair has turned out, because your hair looks different wet than it does dry. I do condition my hair a lot, so that is the only reason I probably have any hair left at all: I take incredibly good care of it, I use keratin oils, coconut oil, conditioner, hair care shampoo, hair masks: I look after my hair.

But, Friday night, I went into the bathroom, and grabbed Colour Freedom Graphite Grey, and got this result:


There is no green. There is no blue. My hair is grey, and it does have different tones scattered throughout it. So, in the end, Graphite Grey was my saviour, and Stone Grey didn’t budge throughout all of that washing and dying and buffering and cleansing my hair, so I can say that I can agree Stone Grey is 100% permanent. Graphite Grey has saved my bacon, and has left my hair soft, even after all the wars I have put it through, and it’d gotten rid of the colours that haunt me. I WILL update this after I wash it and see if it remains, but so far, it’s done me good. I’d rate it 4/5, it only losing a point because when I did my roots with it, I found that they are now a metallic golden brown, but it blends, so I’m not going to complain.

I was willing to pay the £7.99 for a bottle, because by this point, I was desperate; I needed the green to go away, and I needed to have nice hair again. Saying that, I can say that I’d have paid £7.99 anyway; the dyes are incredibly good quality, and the darker colours have not failed me yet. They do come with conditioner, which makes my hair feel like a mass of silk around my head, and they don’t damage my hair too much due to the fact there is no ammonia in them.

UPDATE: it washed amazingly and after a few weeks there is still no fading and my colour is going strong. I do use colour protection shampoos, so I recommend going that way if you’re going to dye your hair any colour in general, but especially for this brand.

So, if you’re looking to go silver/grey, I say use the darker shades; they have worked a lot better for me personally, even after instructions have been followed. Or, if you’re willing to deal with upkeep, use the semi permanent dyes, because they never falter. But Angels, LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES. Also don’t dye your hair as much as I do, it costs too much money and takes up a lot of time and effort, and if you don’t look after your hair enough, it will just eventually fry and snap off- I’ve seen friends go through this first hand, and it’s not good.

UPDATE 2018: AVOID. I recently used it and my hair is now a lovely green colour, and it was put over the same level of messed up as it was in this review. For the love of God, don’t do it.
Stone Grey worked on my boyfriend for about 2 days and his hair then went purple, so avoid that too.
I’m guessing they changed their formula, because it did work out lovely here, and it worked on my boyfriend too when he had Graphite Grey. Basically, ignore everything I just said because I’m having hell and had to go to a charity ball for a job with green hair and you bet your tits I am a bitter arse bitch.

Stay safe and stay happy, Angels ❤


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