Bad Selfies and Why They’re Not A Bad Thing

Hello Angels!

Okay, so I get it. With social media, we all wanna look our best: we have people we want to impress, we have people we want to show up (looking at you bullies), or we just wanna show off how cute we look that day. I feel you, I too take a good 10 selfies at least before trying to find one I like. It’s human nature: we wanna look our best, and in some way, we all want approval of some sort.

But, I was talking about bad pictures and selfies the other day, and there was a split down the middle of people who had different views. One group was the people who said that they didn’t have any bad pictures. BITCH REALLY? We all have terrible pictures, and that’s okay; we’re human, and the worst pictures usually have the fondest memories. I haven’t shown them because I’ve not asked their permission, but there are SO MANY bad pictures from nights out, and those are some of my favourite pictures. But, I digress. After that group, there was the realistic people: people who admitted they had many bad selfies. Then within that group, there were people who were shy about them, and that’s okay: it’s human nature to only want to show the best sides of yourself… Then though, there are people like me, who then went on to show off our horrible selfies. We have no shame.

I realised something though: I don’t show my bad pictures to people outside my close friendship group. And why don’t I? Because I care about my image and how people view me. One thing I decided recently was to stop caring so much, and my first step isn’t a horrible picture on Instagram. It’s not a bad snapchat selfie on my story. It’s to put a collection of my worst pictures HERE. On the internet. Where they will forever be; once something is on the internet, it never really leaves, let’s be honest here. And no, not all of them are terrible, which is surprising because I’m an expert at a bad selfie. My face can contort itself into incredible expressions (as you will see). Some of them are just me being human: they’re not with expert lighting and makeup and my head at a flattering angle: they’re my face as you’ll see me make-up free at school or at home. So, enjoy my unflattering moments, Angels, and maybe share a few with me, or just be a little more free with the bad selfie moments.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Yes: some of those I have makeup on and I’m pulling a weird face. Some I’m just pulling a weird face. One I’m sat in a box my mum told me to not sit in. Others I’m in distress. Some I’m completely normal looking; I’m makeup less and wandering around, still probably pulling a weird face. Some my hair is messy and not what people would really wanna show… and one I’m spelling screeching wrong. But, how often do you see this side of me on social media? You don’t, because I, like everyone else, want to impress and only put my best side across on social media. So, here is me without the mask and image I portray, and some of these pictures I actually love: it’s raw and untouched and they all show me perfectly.

Weird with an expressive face and is usually in distress or disgusted.

Show your unfiltered side occasionally, Angels. If you do, feel free to tag me in it; I’ll support, because god damn look at the slide show above. I cannot judge anyone.
But remember: even with the weirdest face, you’re still gonna be beautiful.

Stay safe and stay happy, Angels ❤


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