Garnier Olia Permanent Hair Dye 6.6 Intense Red Review

Hello Angels!

I am back, and I have a review for you. Yes, it is on hair dye, but lets be honest here, what else were people expecting, I change my hair a lot.

I was purple/red about this time last year before I went blue and the dreaded green. In all honesty, I missed it: I felt as if the colour suited me a lot more than others I’ve had, and seeing as it was a singular kind of dye and a semi permanent dye mixed in, my hair was in a lot better condition. But I digress: I missed my red tinged hair.

So in true Nia fashion, I went whole head of red, and I’m going to take you on my hair dye journey. Probably the last one for a while, because I’m completely in love with my colour right now.

So, I started off with black and grey hair, which I’d grown to resent because of all the hassle it had caused me. Don’t get me wrong: I loved it. But I resented it, and it needed to go. So, mum bought Garnier Olia Permanent Hair Dye in 6.6, Intense Red, and we were off.

This is what we were working with:


I know, I look happy enough, but inside I’m resenting my hair and wishing it’d just had worked out the first time and saved me much time and money. So, we dyed it red. And this story isn’t as long as my others because IT ACTUALLY WORKED.


I look panicked because of how fast the dye was working: that was it on my head five minutes or so after we’d put it on. It only took one box to cover my whole head: I have thick hair, layers, and it goes past my shoulders now, wavy or straight (it’s still short when it’s incredibly curly, but that’s not the point). If you hair is down your back, you’re going to need two boxes, but for my length hair, one bottle was more than enough.

The formula was one of the best I’ve used: yes, on pat with my beloved colour freedom dye, if not a little better. It didn’t drip everywhere, and it actually was as nice smelling as it claimed. It didn’t smell of chemicals like the majority of hair dye does, and it didn’t make my eyes sting with it on my head.

The applicator was also amazing: because of the shape of the bottle, it was easy to grip and held a incredibly large amount of hair dye, as shown by the fact that we could do my whole head with only one bottle.

Now the more technical and the process of it is covered, I’ll show you what you really want to know: how the colour turned out.

The first picture is it in the morning, first thing (which is why there’s no make-up and you can see my spots and tired eyes). You can see that where the hair was black, it’s gone a deep, dark, cherry kind of red, but where the ends were lighter from the lighter colour of grey, it is a lot lighter.
In the second picture, you can see my hair in the sunlight (it will either look pillar box red, or a slightly brighter red than the first picture, it all depends on your screen). Its bright, bright red on the ends in the sun, and a deep red still on the top. This was all with one box of dye, and semi permanent mixed in with my conditioner, and left in for 5 minutes or so; red hair fades the fastest, so it takes the most care.
The last picture is my hair in bad/ evening light on camera. It goes a brown-ish red colour, and the top looks a deep black/red/brown. While the bottom is still red, it’s not as vibrant as it is in the sun. This was also the day after a second box of dye had gone over the top; there were some bits I’d missed and semi permanent wasn’t going to hold that long. Don’t worry, this was at the beginning of this week, and I’m not touching it with dye for another six weeks.

So, my thoughts and break down of my review?
I wasn’t going to use this dye because it hadn’t worked out for me in the past when I had tried their orange when I was ginger. But, after claiming a new and improved formula, I can say that they definitely have. The formula works even over the darkest of grey (it was pretty much black), and is one of the easiest dyes I’ve worked with in both consistency and when considering the applicator. Plus, the colour is beautiful, and it doesn’t leave all my white clothes stained red after wearing them and where my hair brushes against the material. Some towels are stained orange after frying my hair though; red is the colour that fades the most, so for a few washes, your hair may leave orange stains behind on your towels. Though (shameless promo), if you’re wondering how you can make your colour last longer, look HERE; I’ve covered it before.

I would use this hair dye again, and will be using it when it’s eventually time to do my roots. I do mix it in with the superdrugs own red semi permanent dye, which I can vouch for… the purple not so much, but that’s for a different day. I don’t know how the red works on blonde hair, all I know is that it works when brightening up hair and when trying to make colour last. For £6.99, it’s not the cheapest, but it is less expensive than the Colour Freedom Dye I was using, and my purse needs a break after spending so much on hair dye for my grey look.

Stay safe and stay happy, Angels ❤


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