Musical Things? Updates and Plans

Hello Angels!

So, I promised I’d always be honest with you all. I have hinted at this for a while, and if you follow me on Tumblr (if you don’t, you should, you get notified when a post is up, and you’ll see my deep 3AM thoughts) you’ll have seen me hinting very heavily at this.

So, as a bit of background, I’ve loved music my entire life. I love how many stories can be told, how many feelings can be put across, how snippets of lives are there forever for people to listen to and be a part of in a way. I’ve been writing songs since I was about seven or eight, and it’s always been a way of therapy for me: when times were rough, I’d turn to writing songs. When stuff was really bad, I couldn’t write music, because I couldn’t put the lyrics down, and there would be a mess of words scrawled across a page which made no sense to me a few hours later.

Through all of that, I always wanted a career in music: when I was younger, no matter what job I said I wanted, music would be along with it. I once wanted to ‘Look after white tigers and be a pop star in my spare time’. I was about 10 at the time, so that shows you how much I care about white tigers, but also music.

To those who don’t know, I play bass and started playing when I was 13. I can now play pretty well, and have been on an EP playing bass. I haven’t played in so long, but I still just fall back into it. I stopped playing so much, because I hit myself in the face with a bass, and that’s how I ended up losing my front tooth recently: there was neve damage, I needed root canal surgery, that got infected, I decided to just have my front tooth ripped out, as well as the root canal work done and some of the bone above my tooth, and have a bridge put in. So, I ended up not playing as much because I’m a danger to myself, but Cherry is still my baby, I still do play, but just with not as much movement as I did.

So, recently, I was up at 3AM, which is often for me when I start thinking; I overthink, and then I can’t sleep. I started having lyrics come into my head, and I wrote them all down. There are now 5 songs completely written and edited and all following a theme.

I always wanted to put out my own music, and in the future, I am planning on it. I’m starting to learn guitar, and after all my A-Levels are done, I’m going to be properly working on writing with a more clear mind (my exams do come first, they are important). I have always wanted to be a musician, and I am terrified of being on stage alone. But, when I have got music, and I’m happy with what I’m doing, I can do it. It is a rush to me: how some people feel after going on roller coasters or through doing things like skydiving: that’s the rush I get on stage, and just playing and making music in general. There is no better feeling for me than knowing I’ve put art in some form out into the world.

When plans are more set in stone, I’ll tell you more, and the concept behind what I’m doing, and my thought process behind everything. There will be more musical posts coming along, and more updates on this, but bare with me: give me until June to do my exams and concentrate on them, and then things will be in motion.

Until then, I’ll leave you hanging with this:
You have album art: just no idea what else is coming, but I promise you, you’re not going to be disappointed 😉

Stay safe, and stay happy, Angels ❤



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