Battle of Red Hair Dye & Review

Hello Angels!

So, we all know I recently delved into the world of red hair. I’m loving it still, and I honestly missed being red. It feels more right and more natural to me to be red than any other colour that I’ve been.

But, that doesn’t mean I haven’t done some brand switching.

I started out using the Garnier Intense Red dye (link to the review HERE) and it was a pretty good dye. But, it only lasted 3 weeks before it had faded dramatically, and my roots had started to grow (I don’t blame the roots on the dye, that’s my problem).

So, I went a different route, and picked up a Superdrugs own red dye in Ravishing Red. Anyone who has either been around awhile or who knows me personally will know that I’m a sucker for alliteration, so when deciding between that dye and another one, it was a clear winner. There is also the fact that Superdrug do not test on animals, so my conciseness was clear there too.

So, here was my hair beforehand:
I do not look impressed. This was because my hair had gone into a faded orange/pinky mess, and my hair which had been black but dyed over had gone brown. I was not a happy bunny. You also only get half of my head because at this point I’d already started putting dye on, so half of it was saturated with dye, and you couldn’t see the colour it had been.

The superdrug dyes formula was just as good and as easy to apply as the Garnier one. BUT there were a few differences. First off, the smell. The Superdrug dye stinks of chemicals to the point where I had to open the bathroom window to let fumes out, and when I came downstairs, my mum’s eyes started watering. It was not a good smelling dye. ALSO, the bottle was a lot more difficult to hold; with the Garnier bottle, it is rounded, so you can hold it with a lot more ease than the Superdrug one. But, that didn’t really do much difference to the actual formula, it just made it easier to hold the bottle. I’m messy as hell when I’m doing my own hair anyway, it didn’t do much in the way of making the application less messy.

But, here was my hair after it had been left to air dry over night:

While I still look disappointed, it’s for no reason other than that is my face. I always look disappointed and grumpy, it makes it difficult to make friends, but that is besides the point. We can all agree, my hair looks red (if you’re reading on your phone/ tablet, it will look brighter than when reading on a laptop or desktop: how you see it on your phone is more accurate than how you see it on a monitor). The colour has also lasted very well, although the tones are very different: this one has been fading to more of a pink-y red, while the other faded to an orange-y colour.

Colour: Superdrug
Smell: Garnier
Application: Equal
Amounts: Equal
How Long it Lasts: Superdrug
Price: Superdrug

You thought it ended there? I think not! Because my hair is red, I do top it up with semi permanents in order to keep my colour longer, and to make sure it stays bright and dazzling.

I have already reviewed one brand I have been using to top it up which is the Colour Freedom Crimson Red Semi Permanent (I will link the post HERE). But, I also used the Superdrugs own coloured dye. This is where I have a bone to pick.

I think this dye tones the colour down. After using it with the first lot of red (the Garnier) the first two/three times, it was great. After that, it started to fade at a rapid rate. When we tried to dye my mum’s hair purple, it didn’t even touch it: it just toned it. And when I used it to top up my grey, my hair went green again.

So, I’m not even going to do a lowdown for it. My advice is, don’t buy it. The forumla might work for a few goes (or it might not), but in the end, it’s not great.

I hope this helped you out a little: I know I learned a thing or two from going through it.

Stay safe and stay happy, Angels ❤



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