Facts on Fox Hunting (Yes, I am Against it)

Hello Angels!
I’m back, and as a general rule, I try not to bee overly political on here: just as a safe haven for everyone. I’ll get political, but not offensive. But, I am talking about fox hunting and so Theresa May is going down, I’m very sorry if you find it offensive, but girl (definitely not woman) needs to start thinking with her head and not her privilege.

I’ll give a little background, before I go into the more gory/ horrible details. Fox hunting was made illegal on February 18th 2005 after the passing of the Hunting Act  in 2004, after a free vote in the House of Commons, which made “hunting wild mammals with a dog” (in the traditional style) unlawful in England and Wales. I agree with that law: no animal deserves to be hunted for sport or for fun. It’s cruel, it’s unnecessary and I see no point in it at all.

I understand why farmers would kill foxes; they can kill the livestock, they can cause loads of problems, they can crush or damage crops. I can understand it, I still hate the thought of it and the idea of it, but I can understand why they do it. They don’t do it for fun, they get nothing out of it: they do it to protect their way of living. So before people say that there may be reasons to why people hunt, I’m covering myself and saying I’m on about people hunting for fun and people who see it as a ‘sport’ and do these vile things I’m going to mention. I cried while researching this, because some of it is vile. I’m not going to use pictures or videos in it as most are graphic, and I’m going to try and edit the gore out, but I can’t avoid some details.

I’m also going to point out that not only foxes are harmed in this ‘sport’, and I put marks around ‘sport’ because it’s not a sport, it’s sick. If the dogs are not fast enough, get too old, or cannot catch the foxes, they’re killed, abused or hurt. The way the animals used in hunting is cruel, and they’re killed after their ‘purpose’ is done: they cannot be put up for adoption because in many cases, they are aggressive because of how they have been raised. This is done as hunters breed more puppies than are needed, and only the most promising are selected. This is often done through the tradition of ‘cub hunting’: this is a process in which people surround an area with fox cubs and teach the dogs how to kill them. Those dogs that fail any tasks from birth onwards are killed.

Horses are also used in fox hunting, and similar things happen to them: if any injuries are caused or are inflicted when riding or hunting, if they cannot hunt anymore, they’re killed. The amount of deaths of animals involved with fox hunting is incredibly high, counting both the animals aiding the hunting and the foxes themselves. In no way am I blaming the animals though: they’re trained and raised to act in this way and to do these things. It’s all they’ve ever known. I blame the humans, and not the animals working with the humans.

A sick fact I found out today is that (and I knew they had family fox hunting events, which is sickening in itself) after the fox is hunted and killed in these events WHICH CHILDREN ARE ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND, they smear the blood of the foxes on the face of the child. So first off, a child is watching an animal be killed. I’m under no impression that foxes are the most angelic beings: beautiful creatures yes, but they are sly and they can be incredibly vicious. But they do not deserve to be hunted in such cruel ways, and children are watching these acts of violence. Then, there’s the fact that BLOOD IS SMEARED ONTO THEIR FACE. There could be diseases in that blood (it’s a possibility, I’m not saying foxes carry diseases, I’m stating that there is the possibility, just like humans can carry diseases in their blood). The child may not want to have a foxes blood painted onto their face like war paint. What the actual fuck is wrong with these people.

Then, there is the ‘digging out’ process. When foxes either dig a hole as they’re unable to run anymore, fall into a hole: whatever happens, they’re supposed to leave them be and not attack after they dig themselves a hole and seek refuge, and this has been the law in Britain as a whole since the 1950’s. Going against this goes against the rights that animals do have by law. The process is carried out by terrier men who will widen the hole, remove the fox, and set it meters away form the dogs so it can be chased again. This is against the law, and it is an incredibly high act of cruelty.

Do not come at me with the ‘tradition’ argument, like the lady herself, our Prime Minister Theresa May, claimed. If she wants tradition, maybe she should step down and she go home and look after children, knit, and maybe bake. She wants tradition does she not? Is that not the stereotype for women? Or, if she wanted to go for a more accurate representation of herself, bake a pie to leave crumbs in the woods, Hansel and Gretel style- just saying (because it is also law that we have freedom of speech). It was tradition for people to keep slaves, and we abolished that. It was tradition for us to rub sticks together until they made fire and I cannot see anyone rubbing sticks together in winter to make a fire. Tradition means shit. We move on from tradition and progess, and right now, we’re regressing. Traditionally, we don’t have female leaders. We’ve got one, and so help me I wish we hadn’t.

Fox hunting may not be a major policy TO HER for the general election. For me, it is a major reason to why I can’t vote for the Conservative party. I can’t vote for them for many reasons- one other reason being her herself, I couldn’t bring myself to ever do so, but that’s my opinion, if yours is different, then that’s okay- but it is a major reason to why I cannot vote for them. Her reasons behind why fox hunting should be legal (because it is still illegal, and she’s still doing it in public and boasting about it, pictures of her doing so being in the mdedia: I say fine her or lock her up in all honesty) make no sense. To be exact: “There is a necessity of keeping fox numbers down and some of the other forms of dealing with foxes can be cruel.” You read the facts I have just given you and tell me that it’s not cruel. Tell me that there is not cruelty to all animals (and children, don’t forget the war paint) involved in this process.

Foxes are not the most cuddly and cute creatures. They are sly (hence the phrase ‘sly as a fox’) and they can be incredibly vicious when threatened. But they’re beautiful animals, that can have an incredibly sweet and kind nature when respected. They do a lot for the environment: bigger threats to farmers livestock can be sorted through foxes killing other animals. On average, more fox hunters kill foxes than farmers, who many claim to be helping? Tat doesn’t add up, and you need to figure out your reasons sweetheart. If farmers do not feel the need to kill the foxes, neither should you. If you mention them coming into towns and cities: they come into these areas because of all the rubbish left lying around, and they do scavenge for food. If food wasn’t left lying around and bins were emptied often, there would be less foxes in these more urban areas. Many people who have seen them in these areas say that they did not harm to them: they literally wanted food, and then they left. As long as they were left alone and not threatened, they were lovely animals.

So, these are some of the facts about fox hunting I felt the need to share. And yes, I am again hunting foxes as a sport. If it’s okay for foxes, hey, let’s throw the hunters into a hunt and have the Hunger Games: the odds will not be in your favour.

BUT, to end it on a happy note, have a GIF of a cute fox. It made me smile.

Stay safe and stay happy, Angels ❤



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