Am I a Feminist?

Hello Angels!

So, I get asked the question above a lot. I have debates with family members about why/why not they are. Is feminism still the same as it used to be? Has feminism being taken to an extreme point? And am I a feminist?

If you’re looking at the classic definition of feminism, yes. I am whole heartedly a feminist. There is not a fiber of my being that doesn’t think that women and men should be equal: we should. There is not an ounce of me that things that society today should still be sexist, and genders should not be treated equally. When it comes to society, we are all people and we should all be treated the same way.

I don’t believe that there should be a pay gap: if two people are doing the exact same job, why would a woman be paid less. In the UK in 2016, there was reportedly a pay gap of 9.4%, meaning that on average, women are being paid nearly 10% less than men, who do the exact same job, work the exact same hours, and work in the exact same business/industry. We live in an advanced society, and still major issues are being brushed under the rug and shrugged off; nobody is really trying to take action.

Sexual harassment is still also a major issue. Some sources say 33% of women have faced sexual harassment in the workplace: this means 1 out of 3 women will be sexually harassed at work. Though because I do think we should be equal here, I will say that 9% of men will also face sexual harassment, and it is not an issue that is just about women. Though, we can see that the numbers are dramatically different: like the pay gap, there is a large number between them, and not in a good way. When telling friend or colleagues about sexual harassment, it’s said that many men don’t take it as seriously as female friends, bosses or colleagues would do. But here is when I’m going to drop the bombshell that will surprise some people reading this: NOT ALL MEN.

Not all men are at fault: not all men treat women poorly. I have male friends who are feminists. I have male friends who will stand by women until the end. Not all men are bad people, like not all Muslims are bad people, or all Tories are bad people. To be saying ‘all men are bad’ is not feminism. It’s nonsense, and it’s still bigotry. Feminism is looking for equal rights: not saying that women deserve more rights. It’s saying that everyone should be equal, so to put all men down is going against what you’re supposed to stand for.

The thing I pride myself on is that I do think men and women should be treated fairly. I think that sexism on all parts should be spoken about. NO gender is a sexual object that should be objectified. NO gender should be told that they can/ can’t do something due to their gender: women can be engineers, and men can be designers (also, if you identify as anything else, gender roles should not be placed on you either and you are equally as valid and should be accepted). And if those genders go into those jobs, it doesn’t mean that they’re gay. You can have a passion for something outside your gender stereotype and be straight.

Also, here’s something else for you: feminists support trans women. They support women of colour. They support gay women. Feminism isn’t about white straight women looking after white straight women: feminism is about supporting rights for all women. And hell, all men and all genders too. If you don’t support everyone and fight for everyone to be equal and right, linking back to my other points, then you’re not a feminist.

Feminism isn’t about women being better than another gender and we should have more rights than others do, which I see so many people who think that. There are so many people who believe that feminism is saying that women are the stronger sex/gender, so they deserve more. Those people have started to take over it, and to give it a bad name. To make feminism look like a mockery. Honey I got news for you: that ain’t it and you’re doing it wrong.

Feminism is thinking that everybody should be equal. The right for ALL women and ALL men (and ALL genders, I’m not leaving anyone out) to be equal. Whether you be gay, straight, a person of colour or white, atheist or religious, woman, man, or something else. Feminism is something which wants people to be completely equal.

So, to answer the question: ‘Am I a Feminist?’

Damn right I am. I will fight for every single person: no matter what you identify as, no matter your religion or views, I will fight for you to be equal. So yes. I am a feminist and damn proud of it.

Say safe and stay happy, Angels ❤


2 Replies to “Am I a Feminist?”

    1. I have so much love for you right now! I’m glad you see the flip side of it to and that there is a negative response/ side to it too! Feminist and proud, keep fighting the good fight sweetheart! ❤

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