Six Miles by Black Pulp: Review

Hello Angels!
I’m back after a break for exams (they’re nearly over, thank God), and this time, I have a music review for you- not of my own stuff, that’s a work in progess. A band which are severely underrated, and I wanted to shed some light.

I was scrolling through Instagram the other week, and I stummbled upon a band. I liked their music, and after listening to anything I could find by them, and actually updating my soundcloud for the first time in a year (, if you’re wondering), I followed them, and they replied thanking me, and telling me about their new single, which I offered to review. So, here we are, and I’ll say now, I have nothing but positive things to say about the single and the men themselves.

The band themselves are lovely: they’re incredibly nice to talk too, very down to earth, and from what I’ve seen on social media, they’re incredibly humble too, and incredibly funny (read their interview with the pentatonic HERE). They’re obviously all passionate about music, and it shows from how well they gel together musically; nothing seems out of place or unnecessary. Like, when you get those moments of wondering ‘Why the hell is this in a song?’ There’s none of those, and I’ve found that it’s rare in music at the moment, I’ve missed music that doesn’t give me whiplash.

But onto the song itself: Six Miles will be on repeat for the Summer: it is my summer song. It’s incredibly upbeat, and was stuck in my head for the rest of the day after I had first heard it, and helped me through my exam that day. God bless my mum and dad, because it’s been on repeat for the whole day today.

It reminds me a lot of ‘Tiptoe’ by Imagine Dragons: the structure of the song and the vibe I get from it made me instantly think of it, and that’s a great thing; I love Imagine Dragons. What really makes me think of it in comparison to it are two things: the vocals and the guitar. The guitar is poppy and happy, the riffs seemingly effortless and simplistic to the player, showing the talent, and it’s what sealed it for the Imagine Dragons comparison for me. Then the vocals: they’re soft and gentle and you feel rather than just hear them. Plus, you can hear the accent: as a Liverpool band, for me this is a plus (not just because I live just outside of Liverpool) but because I like when people sing with their accents. There’s so many people trying to be American or trying to lose their accent, that I love it when people stay true to it.

Not to be out shined by any means though, the bass and drums is perfect: as a bassist, I know the struggles and I know how important it is to stay on and stay in time, while not being left behind and ignored. The bass carries the song perfectly, always staying in time with the drums (which are also played in a way that would make it look easy) and merging in with the guitar riffs, making the whole thing gel together. The rhythm section in bands is often overlooked, but in many cases, it’s what makes the band really work: if they’re off, the rest of the band can be too.

Black Pulp are a band I would compare to many of my favourites: Imagine Dragons (as mentioned) and some past songs (if you can’t tell, girl does her research) remind me of the 1975. When I played it to my pops, he said they had a sound similar to Vampire Weekend, which is also a good thing; they’re an incredibly band. The spin they put on what was slowly becoming a generic Pop/Indie/Rock sound is a breath of fresh air.

If you’ve not listened to the track or the band do it now! I’ll link all of their social media below, and their song on Soundcloud HERE (though it was linked earlier in the post too), but it can be bought on iTunes, just search Black Pulp.

Well done on an amazing song, lads: you’re definitely a band people need to watch out for. I hope to see you live soon!

Stay safe and stay happy, Angels ❤


Black Pulp Facebook:

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