My Reaction and Response to Girl Defined

Hey Angels!

I spend a lot of time on YouTube: I procrastinate a lot, and that’s where I go. I subscribe to Jaclyn Glenn (if you haven’t seen any of her videos, go watch, she’s a beautiful, intelligent woman) and she’s been reacting to a channel called Girl Defined. It is a channel about how to be a ‘good Christian girl’, and saying what girls and women (implied Christian and not) SHOULD be. That from the get go pisses me off, and is hypocritical as hell, but I’ll get in on that more later.

A disclaimer that if you are religious, I have no problem with that: I do have respect for your beliefs and values, as well as respect for the beliefs of every religion. My problem is when that religion is forced upon me; I don’t force my beliefs upon you, so I don’t expect you to force yours onto me. Just putting it out there that I’m not attacking anybodies views: I actually have respect.

But, I’ll go back to my rant, now that it’s cleared up: I wanted to go see their videos myself before I formed an actual opinion on them; I do know there are different sides and points of view so I wanted to see for myself before I went in…

I wish I had never watched a single video, because now I wanna react and respond, and get your tea ready because this is going to be a lengthy one, because I’ve found that they are in fact shaming the people that they claim to want to help, such as shaming those who are ‘seductive’ in the video ‘Why Christian Girls Should be Beautiful and not Seductive’. I tried so many times to put into words why this video disgusts me, and I physically can’t. There is something about the condesending tone and how smug and high and mighty they seem while acting as if every person is below them that grinds my gears. I recommend you wtach that video to see what I mean: the basic gist of it is if you show off your body AT ALL, even wear something slightly form fitting, then you’re being seductive. I’m gonna drop a bombshell here, so hold on to your hats:
You can look beautiful and sexy without seducing people.
Not every woman who shows off their body is Lillith, I know, it shocked me too, but it’s true. I wore a CROP TOP with SHORTS the other day and didn’t lure people to Satan or have sex with them, or even seduce or flirt with any of them. It’s mental, but it’s true. You can be beautiful and show your body off and not seduce people.

Quick word of advice from queen heathen (obviously after that confession, I don’t know how a priest would handle it) over here on this topic: “Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone”. Don’t judge others for their ways of life: every single one of us has sinned at some point, so you have no right to judge others for what YOU deem a sin. If we’re taking sins literally, every person wearing clothes right now is probably a sinner: in Leviticus 19:19, it states “…nor wear a garment upon you of two kinds of material mixed together.” I’m 100% sure those tops which show the outline of your bodies (SO SHAMEFUL AND SEDUCTIVE, GOOD LORD) are materials mixed together girls, I see you rebelling.

Then there is the recurring theme in their videos that you should be modest. Correction actually: WOMEN should be modest. And as women who are supposed to be supporting these young, easily influenced, Christian girls and guiding them, I’d expect them to be more forgiving, about people not being as modest as the two saints in front of us clearly are. I’d not expect them to outright shame people and judge people (“Do not judge or you will be judged”- Mattew 7:1-5, girls!). I’ve hinted in my points above about them being slightly hypocritical, but I’m gonna go into it more now, don’t worry: I’ll never make a point without backing it up.

I’ll go for an easy one first: they both wear makeup. I’m a lover of makeup, so when one had an on point smokey eye, at first I was like SLAY GIRL! But then, I remembered that makeup in many cases is not seen as modest. So, another point to them being hypocrites. But, as I know the fact that the bible is against makeup (or vanity, as we do wear makeup to either make ourselves feel better or at least because we look damn good as we wear it and know it) is a weird one, I have a quote: Therefore thus says the Lord God; Because you have spoken vanity, and seen lies, therefore, behold, I am against you, says the Lord God. taken from Ezekiel 13:8 and another quote stated: Man is like to vanity: his days are as a shadow that passes away.” which is found in Psalm 14:44.
First off, Ezekiel is following the common argument of a lot of male people still today (not all men before people think I’m going in on men now, not today, you’ve done nothing really wrong here). Our twist on it now though is ‘Take a girl swimming on the first date’ or the argument that makeup is ‘lying’ to men. You see that both having the theme that women wearing makeup is ‘lying’ as undercurrents? Ezekiel was the original to coin the phrase, none of you boys are original, calm down. The second one talks about vanity and how it is a shadow: shadows often linking to evil and sin in the bible. Nobody gonna talk about that? Nobody going to point out that it’s hypocritical to say other women are not being modest while you yourselves are not modest as you’re wearing makeup: something which God is against? Okay, I’ll ignore the edge of hypocrisy, I’m a heathen, what would I know?

THEN we move onto the thing that really grinds my gears, and if they want to be ‘Good Christian Girls‘ then they’re going against one REALLY big flaw in the way they’re going about this completely, EVEN moving past my past references to them being judgmental and how that is a sin. It’s said that women are not supposed to speak their minds, or speak in church even: “Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience as also saith the law.”-  Corinthians 14:34. In this channel, there are two women giving their opinion. They talk about how the bible should be followed and how the word of God should be kept to (originally, I didn’t think they were homophobic so could find a plus point, but they apparently are so they actually are scum) so should they not be keeping quiet? Let us feminist heathens do the talking as we’re going to hell anyway?

Though, on a similar note, here’s another thing the Girls Defined girls are against: feminism. If it was the femi-nazi style, bitch I agree, I don’t like it either. But no: general feminism. The idea that women are equal to each other and everyone. The idea that everyone is equal. No ladies, we were made for man from his rib to be his, we’re below man and men own us. Because equality, right? But, the girls come swooping in, and say that if you want to embrace feminism and being a woman, then you are rejecting God and his words and- hold on to your hats guys- BECOMING YOUR OWN GOD. So, knowing your mind and your worth is becoming your own God. To be paraphrase their words: “What we define woman to be- our beauty, our goals, our place and our worth- is becoming our own God and going against Gods authority over us.” All this time, I thought I was Satan. Then, they go on to say that showing your bodies is having no morals. Sit down and think a second: so a woman poses topless so she has no morals at all? Posing topless is on par with murder or theft? Completely sane: completely sane logic. With abortion? Yes, it’s sad and it’s horrible. But, if you’re all loving (‘Love thy neighbour’) then shouldn’t you think in the long term? The mother could be sick and die having the child. The child could be incredibly sick and have a poor quality of life if it did live. Or, the child would be unloved or un-cared for and still have a horrible quality of life. The woman could be in an abusive relationship and not want to bring a child into it or carry it through that. Abortion is incredibly sad but at times it’s necessary. You have NO right to judge a woman based on something like that until you know the story, and to call yourself a ‘Good Christian’ with no compassion or empathy for those possibilities is horrendous.
What the fuck guys, what the actual fuck?
The comment section on that video gave me life, by the way. Thank you to all those Christian feminists who did my job for me, you are incredible and keep fighting that fight, I stand by you and with you.

Though, they didn’t leave men out: take ‘Should Christian Girls Date Non-Christian Guy?’. The basic answer according to them is No. No matter how lovely the man is, no matter how much charity work they’ve done, no matter how perfect their morals are and how much they respect you and your religion. No. If the bible is not ‘his source of truth’ then he’s not good for you and you should not be with him. If he doesn’t have the same ‘mission’ then it will never work and never be on the same journey. He will never be able to have a ‘spiritual’ relationship and be able to ‘spiritually lead you’: what if you got married? In their words exactly, if he cannot lead you in prayer or study scripture with you he is not ‘fulfilling his duty as a husband’.
Seeing as they’ve said I’m my own God, I’m gonna bless all you men out there, because if you have to deal with this bullshit, then you need all my blessings and hope. I couldn’t even finish that video because it made my stomach churn: I was angry with the feminist one, but this one just made me feel sick.

Basically, my response is to please stop. It’s not at all entertaining and you’re living with the views on society as a 1940’s man. Not a woman, a man. There are young, easily influenced girls on YouTube, and you’re messing with their heads and their minds. There are young girls you could be shaming on there. To make it sound as if your words are gospel and what should be followed is a pile of bullshit, but to also use your argument against you: isn’t it going against God’s authority? Also, from the way you speak, isn’t it also again the authority of men, which is more important than that of a woman? Your opinion, in the words of God, should be kept quiet. I think for once, I agree with God. When the people you are supposed to be guiding are even calling you out (not me, I’m my own God apparently, I can lead myself: I have my big girl trousers on) then you know it’s time to stop, or at least take a different approach.

I would like to say again that I’m not attacking any religious person here. I’m attacking the ways opinions- because they’re not gospel- are being portrayed as facts and the shaming and judgement of others choices of ways to lead their lives. I will defend any good person who is being shamed, trampled on or in any form of danger, religious or not: you do you, sweetheart, I got your back.

So here: my response and reaction to the monstrosity that is Girl Defined. My take on their name?
Bullshit defined.

Stay safe and stay happy, Angels ❤


18 Replies to “My Reaction and Response to Girl Defined”

  1. Everyone can have their own opinions however, when people are telling me (someone who isn’t religious) how to act and talk is never okay! I would never tell a Christian how to act and how God would see them! Obviously I’m not saying everyone is like this, still annoying though


    1. I totally agree! I’m respectful of opinions and would defend others religious views even if I’m not at all religious, so for Christians to attack other Christians got under my skin. Glad that it’s not just me!


    2. What the fuck are you talking about, you insane God-obsessed dumbass? Learn how to not chastise people for not idolizing a non-existent deity. You fucking idiot. The girls from Girldefined are fucking insane and they have severe mental issues. Their subscribers resemble a cult and they are a bunch of fucking idiots. Grow the fuck up and learn how to have your own identity, you stupid God-loving fuck.


      1. I’m sorry but I think you have the wrong end of the stick here? I’m in no way religious and in no way support these people and their views. The scriptures and quotes were used to mimic their own justification of their views. I think it is incredibly disrespectful to aim this hated at me when I’ve done nothing wrong but respond to the views of these people. Maybe reread and calm down before you comment on a young girls post and learn some respect.


  2. I LOVE your response to this and I don’t think I could ever watch this video without getting extremely angry but I’m with you 100% when you wrote this ”My problem is when that religion is forced upon me; I don’t force my beliefs upon you” and as I was reading your response I couldn’t believe these people haven’t been stopped they’re so contradicting actually I may have to watch it now ahaha


    1. Thank you!! I was watching the videos and it was getting under my skin more and more, if you respond you’ve gotta let me know! It’s just a whole channel of shaming other Christians because of their views, good luck if you ever watch it😂 Glad you agree with me and it’s not just me overreacting

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  3. Well, you did warn me to grab myself some tea…. This was indeed a long post but I think you’ve perfectly demonstrated why it’s necessary to do just so. Although I’m afraid the ones who actually NEED to read this will be skipping it, it’s good you’ve voiced your thoughts and shared it with the world. I’ve never heard of this channel (nor am I religious) I think it’s important to highlight these kind of things and not letting it get away ‘unpunished’. Round of applause from me! Now I’m going to get myself that highly deserved cup of tea….


    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have much love for you right now😂 I’m so glad that you agree! If I can make some people aware, even if it’s not those people directly, I’ve done my bit! Enjoy your very much deserved tea, thank you for reading💕


    1. I did say tea would be needed! And I agree, I don’t see the need to drag others down to make yourself seem better and to shame others? The hypocrisy is real in those two 😉 Thank you for reading! xx

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