My Blogging Past and Honest Advice

Hello, Angels!

I know, I’ve posted two days in a row, I’m as shocked as you all are: up until recently it was rare that I’d post or had any form of schedule… No promises of that happening any time soon, but I will throw in curve balls and be around a lot more, I promise.

Recently, I’ve been watching as blogger friends hit milestone after milestone, taking it all in their stride. I’m so incredibly proud of every last one of you: I have incredible followers and follow incredible people. But, I felt as if I was lagging behind a little: up until the other week, I had about 20 followers after having a blog for 3 years. Now, I’ve gone up to nearly 100 damn fast. The answer to how? I took it seriously and made more effort.

Before I go into my advice, I do wanna go into my past experience and why after 3 years, I only have around 90 posts (I have deleted a lot of them, mostly for more personal reasons).

I didn’t post a lot: in the beginning, it was because most people around me didn’t think I could do it. They didn’t think I could succeed. And I had people who were cheering me on (if you’ve been around a while, you’ll know Georgia has been my cheerleader and read nearly every post from day one, and my mum and pops have been pushing me to my best, so I did have support), but when there’s a seed of doubt, it grow like weeds and damages the good. So I gave in. I stopped posting for months on end. When I looked at how many posts I’ve done, even before I deleted them all, I had enough for maybe 6 months? 6 Months of blog posts, of low quality, in nearly 3 years.

Another reason why I backed off and stopped was I was made fun of for blogging: people laughed and made fun of me and said I was a wannabe who was wasting my life and it’d lead me nowhere, and again, I listened and took a break. The week break turned into a month and so on. I was afraid of people judging me on social media, so I didn’t share with friends or family or followers. When I was 16, I was incredibly soft. I’m soft now, but then, I was even worse, and I wasn’t in a good mental state, so one piece of criticism would knock me completely.

Companies used me: they’d give me codes and accounts to then cut me off as soon as I’d mentioned them. Starting as a 16 year old fashion blogger, that was the most soul crushing thing: I realised how fickle the fashion world was, and thought it’d be blogging too, so I stopped. I turned down so many opportunities to work with massive companies because I was afraid they’d do the same:ask me to advertise then go silent. I have done a post on this, which I’ll link HERE, and it’s one of the posts I’m proudest of; I was honest about it. I regret turning down all those companies, and have since started putting myself out there more.

After my A-Levels, I was unsure of what to do, and although I posted occasionally, I didn’t do much. Even I could see my words were forced up until recently, when I’ve found my flair. I’ve found my writing style, and I’ve found what I’m most confident writing about and topics I want to cover. A few weeks ago, I don’t know what happened, but it struck me to stop giving a fuck and let go of all those past issues.

Now, I have a great mass of bloggers around me: Twitter really is the place of bloggers and a united front. I used to think Instagram was the way, but apparently not. I’ve met so many genuinely lovely people through Twitter who I consider to be friends already. That’s advice number one: Twitter is your friend. For ages, I had no idea, I just had posts send there automatically and I did nothing else, no networking, no blogger hours, no connecting with people: I was clueless. I didn’t think it, but Twitter is key for a blog, as is all of social media, leading me to my next point.

Use Instagram is the second, but don’t just put blog related stuff up: show a glimpse of your life. Post often too; friends still make fun of me for posting at least once a day, but I gotta do it. It’s how you build a following. If you just post about your blog constantly, people might get bored and stop interacting. If you don’t post about it at all, like I did, then you’re not going to get views or a following at all. Find a happy balance.

Child, stop looking at numbers. Don’t look at how many followers you have compared to someone else- as far as you know, they may have bought those followers. And don’t feel bad if you follow more people than are following you: I’ve been there and it is a bad road to go down. Make friends with those numbers, don’t just see them simply as numbers.

It’s called social media for a reason: talk to people. Don’t leave a girl (or guy or whatever you identify as) hanging. If they’re asking something, pitch in. Give advice. Tell them they look good, tell them their blog is beautiful. Don’t stay silent on social media, it goes against the point.

My last piece of advice is something I’m still working on, so maybe we can work on it together. You ready? Stop giving a fuck. Don’t care what other people say about you or how they view you. Ignore their shitty opinions and move on like the royalty you are. I’d like to see half the people that make fun of bloggers run a blog and it be even mildly successful. Sweetheart, you do you: you’re doing amazing, trust me.

I hope that helped some people: I wanted to put my own journey out there too, so you can use me as an example of what not to do, but how you can also grow. I wish 16 year old me knew then what I do now, and knew the people I do now. I also wish I’d told a lot more people to shut the fuck up.

The blogging community is pretty great😘

Stay safe and stay happy, Angels💙


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