The Versatile Blogger Award

Hello again, Angels!

I thought posting two days in a row was shocking, now you get two posts in one day! You’re going to be sick of me soon enough!

First of all, thank you to the very beautiful, incredibly talented Mollie from Mollie Says! This is the first award I have been nominated for, and I’m honoured it is coming from her. I’ll link her Instagram HERE (it’s got a great aesthetic, I envy her ability to keep a theme going) her twitter HERE and of course her blog HERE. I’ve known her nearly 8 years now and I’ve watched her grow and mature, she’s an incredible young woman and an amazing writer, go spam her and follow her! She’s like a little sassy sister!

So, have 7 facts that you may/ may not know about me!

  1. I’m very musical: I know I do post about it here, but I’ve never gone into too much depth, so I’ll share a little more about it. I play piano (since I was about 9), bass (since I was 13/14) and basic guitar (the past few months, though I’ve tried to learn since I was about 3), and I also sing and write lyrics.
  2. I have a fake front tooth: that actually ties into my bass playing. I was playing bass and hit myself in the face with it, and damaged the nerves in the top of my gum, cutting off a lot of blood flow and stuff to that tooth. It then came away from the gum slightly and started going pink, I eventually had (failed) root canal surgery, then said ‘Sod it, just rip it out my face’. The moral of the story is, don’t hit yourself in the face with a bass!
  3. I have quite a few tattoos: if you follow me on Instagram or know me personally, you’ll know this fact, but if not then it may come as a surprise. I have my next one already booked after being tattooed 2 weeks ago, and already have 4: Chip from Beauty and the Beast, a mental health tattoo that takes up my forearm, a stick man my best friend used to draw on everything for me, and a group of pagan goddesses.
  4. I have terrible eyesight. I only just got a pair of glasses after losing mine almost 5 months ago, and never take pictures of myself wearing them. It got to the point family and friends forgot I wore glasses.
  5. I’ve done some modelling work in the past. I do want to get more working doing stuff, but it’s whether college work and work would allow the time. I’ve worked for vintage shops and used to do a lot of cosplay stuff, which had been featured on some websites trying to get people into doing it (I do plan on more cosplay stuff in the future, so watch this space).
  6. I am a HUGE Nicholas Cage fan. He’s a living meme and I love him. Of last year, he was in about 83 films, and I’ve seen 42 of them now, including the horror film ‘Shadow of the Vampire’ he produced. My favourite is Face Off or Vampires Kiss, if you’re wondering.
  7. I’m working on a novel. I love reading, and that sparked the interest in writing both on this blog, and writing in general. It’s not very good, and is taking a lot of editing, but I have about 3 ideas on the go right now, and I’m planning on self publishing at least one by the end of the year… if I ever get it finished!

I nominate:

Some film ramblings– Lauren
Daph writes– Defne
Unfiltered mama– Courtney
Cat mother chronicles: Lyndsey
Thealienb4by: Sophy
With an ocean view blog: Zoe
The Wonderlust Reader: Fernanda
The Makeup Artists Choice: Kate Emma
Hannah Darley: Hannah Darley
Crazy Little Things Site: Vixxy Rose

I love them all for so, so many reasons: they’re incredible people and amazing writers, the fact I’m friends/friendly with some of them still stuns me daily: go check them out, if you’re not following already, you’re missing out!

If I’ve nominated you, here’s the rules for you:

  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Share 7 facts about yourself
  • Nominate up to 10 other bloggers of your choice
  • Link your nominees and let them know of your nomination

Thank you again to Mollie for the nomination, and thank YOU for reading! Are there any bloggers you recommend? Let me know!!

Stay safe and stay happy, Angels<3


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