Get To Know Me: A Few Favourites

Hello Angels!

First of all, I got my A-Level results, and ya girl smashed it. I am going to the local college and doing a year of Media Studies before possibly going to uni or getting a job in media- I’m hoping to go into a job in film of some sort. I’d love to go into acting, but I know how difficult it is to get into, and with a memory like mine, it wouldn’t be the best option, so maybe working with ideas and behind the camera is better suited.

But, because I am in a good mood and good place, and on top of that I’ve hit over 100 subscribers within this past month (thank you SO much for that, I see you and I love you) I wanted to do a get to know me thing. I’ve done a similar post recently, but I wanted to do one just concentrated on my favourites.

Favourite Band?
My Chemical Romance. Call me an emo all you want, I fell in love with Helena when I was but a tot and loved them since. I Don’t Love You? If you don’t feel that song in your emo soul you are a liar and I don’t trust you. There are so many bands and singers I love with my heart and soul, but I can’t skip a song by them.

Favourite Artist?
I was talking about this the other day with Georgia, and Dominic Murphy is an INCREDIBLE artist. If you’re on Pinterest (if not, follow me HERE, shamless plug), I have a board dedicated to his work; it’s a lot of Alice in Wonderland stuff, but he does beautiful tarot stuff too. His work is more creepy, but I think that’s what gets me about it, it’s surreal and it inspires me a lot.

Favourite Place?
It’s incredibly cheesy, but my bed, at night, in a storm with thunder and lightening, under blankets and lots of cushions. There’s something relaxing about it: there was a storm the other day and it actually really calmed me down.

Favourite Song?
Stealers Wheel- Stuck in the Middle With You. It’s the happiest song, and I never feel sad when I’m listening to it, it’s easily my ‘happy’ song, and there has not been a time in my life when I’ve turned it off or skipped it, if you’ve not heard it, PLEASE go listen.

Favourite Film?
I can’t pick one, but if I had to pick one which I’ve pretty much ALWAYS loved, probably Toy Story 2, as childish as it sounds. Since it came out I was obsessed and my aunt bought me the Jessie doll (which I still have on my bed) and my parents bought me Woody and somebody else bought me Buzz (both of which workmen threw in the attic and I’m trying to get at) and then my parents also bought me Bullseye. I’m a massive fan, I have the songs on my phone, I can quote most of it: easily one of my all time favourites.

But, I’m also a massive Dracula fangirl, and I love Clockwork Orange, Fight Club, The Room and and Pulp Fiction; there’s darker twists and elements to them and Clockwork Orange is a masterpiece if you can get over the moments that make you uncomfortable. Though, then I think about Alice in Wonderland and Beauty and the Beast and all the Disney films I adore and I’m stuck again. But, the one film I’ve always loved and my love has never wavered is probably Toy Story 2. Without exaggeration, I’ve probably seen it about 300 times and I’ve never gotten sick of it, some days I’ve watch it 3 times a day, and cry EVERY time. I have 0 shame.

Favourite Model/ Influencer?
This one was difficult for me, but Iska Lawrence made my life a lot better. She’s the sweetest, most genuine person. I you’ve been around awhile, you know I do really struggle with my body and body image (especially some pictures of me in the paper, my face and hair was flawless, all I could see was my tiny bit of podge and how the light hit it and my joggers made me look bigger, I’m better than I was, but I still do struggle). I found her, and she has a similar body type to me and similar sizes and proportions, and seeing how flawless she was and how beautiful I think she is made me a lot more comfortable in myself; I may have a tiny tummy, but I’m still an hourglass and I have thighs that could crush you. I do look up to her and she has inspired me a lot, she’s gorgeous inside and out, and if you don’t already look at her YoutUbe and her Instagram, she has helped me a lot through seeing people in the media with a similar body type.

Favourite YouTuber?
This one was difficult because I watch so many. I’m a big, big Markiplier fan, I think he’s hilarious and I love all the stuff he does for charity and his dog is adorable, and the Darkiplier stuff he’s been doing is incredibly creative and I really admire the thought process and the concepts that go into it. I love Cr1tikal because of his humour and how deadpan he is and he seems like a fearless motherfucker: I watched him play PT and nothing other than cockroaches seemed to bother him, jump scares didn’t seem to faze him.

Although I am beauty and fashion mad, I do watch very few YouTubers who do that kind of thing; I think Zoella is adorable and so sweet and bubbly, and Helen Anderson is hilarious, but when it comes to YouTube, I am more of a comedy/ gaming type viewer… though I do love some bloody good drama.

EDIT: I forgot Buzzfeed Unsolved. Turn on your location and let me fight you if you don’t think Shane and Ryan are hilarious. Although I believe in the paranormal and supernatural, I relate to Shane, he gives 0 shits. Although I’m not a Buzzfeed fan in general, those two are two of my favourite ever people.

Favourite Actor?
My ‘favourite’ actor is Nicholas Cage; out of nearly 83 films-ish, I’ve seen 42 or something, I’m a fan of how bad his acting is, though I standby the fact he was good in Leaving Las Vegas and Lord of War: Lord of War was incredibly weird, but he wasn’t a bad actor in it, I’d say he’s a guilty pleasure actor.

My actual favourite actor would be Jensen Ackles. Yes, I am a Supernatural fangirl, but he is an incredible actor: he is completely different to Dean in it, but he makes the character feel real, and the emotion he is able to portray knocks me off my feet every time. I think all the actors in Supernatural are amazing actors, but there there’s just that edge of something that knocks me flat.

Favourite Actress?
Difficult, but probably Christina Hendricks; she’s a completely underrated actress. While she is best known for Mad Men as the ICONIC Joan Holloway, she has been in some incredible films such as Neon Demon and Lost River (if you haven’t seen it, DO, at times it can be chilling), as well as doing the difficult task of lending her voice to characters in films and games: even voicing characters in Rick and Morty. I’ll admit, I did first find her through Mad Men, and due to the popularity of the show, I thought she may end up being type cast, but how she approaches each role and always brings something different floors me. She is also my number one woman crush, she’s a beautiful woman.

Favourite Clothing Brand?
I have very few clothes from this brand, but I am a massive fan: Lindy Bop clothes are stunning. I love vintage style clothes, but I couldn’t wear them on a day to day basis, so I think that for me, there’s something special about them. I have some dresses and skirts and shorts from there, and I wear the shorts the most out of all of them, but there’s something special about them. I do have a figure which suits the more 50’s/ pinup style, so when I’m looking for something, they are my go to shop.

Though, a lot of my clothes are from Primark, though I don’t know whether you’d count it as a brand or shop? Their sweatshirts are amazing right now (I love the cropped ones, although pictures of me wearing it aren’t 100% flattering, I need to start exercising again) and I am after a pair of mens joggers (at home, sweatshirts and joggers are what I usually live in, I’ve become a fan of comfort and not just style) but their homewear stuff is killing me, I could spend a small fortune there… if they’re reading this, please, hit me up with a Chip mug, I have the tattoo of him, I’ve been hunting for months 😥

Favourite Makeup Brand?
Makeup Revolution. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I’m forever going on about the Golden Lights highlighter; it’s utterly blinding. Most eyeshadow pallets I have are use are from there. My other makeup obsession is Makeup Academy: bitch, let me tell you about the Hustle Liquid Lacquer. I’ve put a review up on it (HERE) but, I can’t do it enough justice. It was from their Autumn line last year, and I have never used a lipstick more; it’s a deep brown/red, and if I’m ever wondering what lipstick to use, I grab that one. The MUA lipsticks can be incredibly hit and miss, but if they ever discontinue that one, I’m gonna riot.

Favourite Book?
This again is difficult because there’s two books I utterly adore: Dracula and Alice in Wonderland. I’m a massive Alice in Wonderland fan, and I am planning a tattoo of the mad Hatter in the upcoming year or so (but tattoos are an expensive do so it may be a long time coming, I’m waiting on it, it’s soon) and I remember my mum actually reading it to me when I was but a small bean, and since then I was captivated. Reading it since now, I see that it is actually an incredibly dark book, but how it’s presented just takes me away. If I had to pick any book world to go to, I’m sorry Harry Potter fans, it’s a difficult decision, but I’d pick Wonderland in a heartbeat.

On the other hand, as soon as I read Dracula I was drawn in; I love how it’s written in a diary style, and that it actually does build up to the horror. A lot of people can’t get into it for those two reasons, but those are some of the reasons why I love it so much. I originally actually only picked English Literature a A-Level because we were told we’d be doing a horror unit, and ya fave would have completely smashed it. It’s been about a year since I’ve read it, but some parts I can still quote from memory, it’s a book that really resonated with me.

Favourite Hair Dye Brand:
BITCH, LEMME TELL YOU ABOUT DIRECTIONS HAIR DYE. I have a review of it coming soon, but it’s honestly the best hair dye I’ve ever used, and if you know me, or look at my contents page, you’ll see I’ve used a lot of hair dyes in many colours and many brands. It’s nearly been a month and my hair is only just starting to fade, but it’s fading to an utterly gorgeous pink colour, which I’m fine with. If you’re looking for ‘weird’ colours, I 100% recommend Directions.

Favourite Season?
AUTUMN. I love Winter so much, but it can get bitterly cold in Britain, and the rain gets even colder so it’s no longer fun to walk in, and I’m always cold so it’s a rough few months for me, I basically live in blanket capes. Autumn is cool enough that I can wear jumpers and hats and scarves, but not so cold that I feel as if I’m being frozen. There’s also Halloween, and I can start watching Nightmare Before Christmas as soon as Autumn hits and everyone is talking about horror films and loads of horror films come out; it’s the perfect time for me, I bloody love Autumn.


I could talk about a lot more favourites, but let me keep a little mystery for now. I hope you enjoyed getting to know me and my favourite things a little more, and let me know your favourites. Do we have any of the same? Do you have any recommendations for me?

Stay safe and stay hapy, Angels!


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