New Favourite Hair Dye Brand?

Hello Angels!

Okay, so I’ve had red hair for six months. SIX MONTHS. If you know me or have been around for even a year, you’ll know why this is a big deal. I get bored with my hair colour and change it more often than some people change their jeans. In 2 years, I have been 32 different hair colours/ colour combinations: some on purpose, some a happy accident, some a terrible accident that I had to put right immediately, but they still count. Basically, I dye my hair a lot.

Up until recently, I was also a dedicated Colour Freedom user, swearing by their Crimson Red semi permanent dye to top my hair up. This has all changed completely.

Directions hair colour have knocked it out of the park. I’m sat here wondering why I didn’t go to them sooner; my hair would be a lot more alive, and I’d have to cut less off, so it’d also be a lot longer. The damage would have meant my hair was still naturally incredibly curly, instead of being kinda curly, kinda wavy.

I’d show you a step by step, but it’s similar to every other hair dye post I’ve done, which are all linked in the contents page: I bleach my roots (my natural hair is almost black and I’m going grey prematurely in places), wash it off, and then put the dye on.

The difference is, I’ve mixed dyes this time: Directs Poppy Red, and Pillar Box red. At first, I just used Poppy red, which I’ll put a picture of down below:

The first two pictures (from my prom night) was the day after it had been done with Poppy Red: it was a lot brighter than on the picture, but close to the colour. It is a pink based red, and due to the bleach applied beforehand, it made it a lot brighter. The darker parts of my hair were already a dark red; I’d put red permanent over the dark grey months before I dyed it this colour. The picture of me with a Lump Space Princess beanie is it a month later: so, you can see the staying power. I’ve found that it got brighter for me with each wash, meaning I was left with a bright red/pink until the end.

Then, I wanted to mix with left over Poppy Red with Pillar Box red: we’d got 3 tubs of the Poppy Red and used two to cover my whole head (I have mid length, thick, curly hair), so we had one left. THIS is the result, which is a complete winner for me.

These were both taken 2 WEEKS after being applied; I forgot to take a selfie after it was done and dried. So, the colour has faded slightly here, but that being said, can we still appreciate how bright it is? The first one is indoors in front of my bedroom window before a night out (you’ll have seen a similar selfie on my Instagram, don’t judge me, my makeup had not looked so good for a very long time) and the other is make-up less me at the beach, in the rain, but still ouside light. It’s a true pink based red, with so, so many tones, thanks to the mix of the dyes.

Directions dye is easily one of my favourites now. I am planning on changing it up in a few months, but still in the same kind of area; then if it fails, I can go back to red with less hassle. But, let’s get onto the price point.

The dye itself costs £3.75, and for me because it takes two tubs, that is £7.50; only slightly more than I pay for the Colour Freedom dye, and it lasts hell of a lot longer. Though, if you buy 4 tubs or more, they do a deal where each tub is £3.25. With my mum also using directions hair dye (her hair is purple and it fades to a blue colour, she’s a mermaid), it costs less for us to just buy our hair dye in bulk together.

I wash my hair about 2 times a week with sulphate free shampoo and conditioner; this is because it make sthe hair cleaner, but doesn’t strip the colour away as quickly. I’ll admit, it made my hair feel weird at first, but since it’s gotten used to it, it’s been fine, and my hair actually needs to be washed less: I went from 3/4 times a week down to 2, which is probably better for my hair too, as it means less natural oils are being stripped from my hair. Since that, it’s actually been growing faster and longer too, my roots are at half an inch after 2 weeks, but that is beside the point.

Would I recommend Directions hair dye? Damn right I would: it’s easy to use, cruelty free, and lasts a long, long time. Plus, can you really argue with that price point? I think the fuck not.

This was for all the people who have been commenting on my hair colour and asking me what dyes I used/ where I had it done… in my kitchen by my mum, because I’m awful at bleaching my own roots, and make a mess when I do my own hair.

Stay safe and stay happy, Angels! ❤

4 Replies to “New Favourite Hair Dye Brand?”

  1. Yesssss, your hair looks lush babbbbbss!
    I’m more of an ombre bird myself. Atm my fave brand is Garnier Olia. They have a new B+++ Maximum Bleach which i use for the ends
    Enjoyed reading your post!
    Thank uuuuu

    Liked by 1 person

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