Part 2: My Response to Girl Defined

Hello Angels!

I’m back at it again: the nasty, clearly satanic equal rights activist is back and slamming the Good Godly Girlsagain. If you haven’t read my last post on them, I’ll link it here so you can give that a read as a little bit of background information. But, I’ll summarise who they are now: Bullshit Defined. Good Godly Girls shaming feminists, atheists, LGBT community and most probably you, if you are human and do not follow their set path.

As usual, a quick note that I’m not saying these things about religious people in general. I’m friends with and consider myself to be close to many religious people, if people shout them down, I may not believe in the same things they do, but I will defend them. What I am doing is responding to hateful comments by these two girls, which is why I often quote them; it’s them I have a problem with and the way they present religion, not the religion itself.

But, back to the subject of the matter: the bigots.
I first found them through Jaclyn Glenn responding to them, and I’ll be honest: I was sharp with them in my first post, and they truly ground my gears, but I didn’t think I went in that bad: I pointed out the flaws in their arguments, and I responded to things that I thought they were wrong about and hypocritical. I matched their condescending tone, but was still nice enough, honest, witty and no nonsense, but I could have been a lot more harsh.

Then, they responded in a catty manor, although massively aimed at Jaclyn Glenn, blogger friends did point me in the direction of their video, and some of it did sound as if it was aimed at yours truly. So, I was going to respond, but held my tongue. Then, I found out about their  homophobic comments, and bitch, I gotta go in on this shit. I may not be part of the community, but damn right am I gonna respond and defend.

I was looking into it, thinking that it might just be a rumor; they’re Christian, people disagree with some points, things get twisted and made up to score points. I’m aware how it works, and I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt. But no, on their blog, they are INCREDIBLY homophobic. I’ll link the post I first found here.

You bitches put me off my sweet potato fries.

They were horrible, and almost coming across as victims in the entire thing. Bitch are you sure? You can’t go on in a video against hate about how you shouldn’t hate on people (“Their hair, their beliefs, their clothes… THEIR MANNERISMS… mmhmm”, to quote one of them) you tell people we should all be accepting and love each other. By being homophobic, you’re going back to your hypocritical ways, and you’re spreading hate. Nothing honestly stood out to me: they threw in a few bible verses, they said the usual points on why begin gay is wrong. There was nothing I hadn’t addressed in other posts… UNTIL THE END, where I was left thinking that this was a parody account. Sadly, it’s not, but that’s the level of stupidity we’re dealing with here.

How much are we betting they’re Trump supporters? I’m taking in bets, odds are, they buy their blonde dye or bleach together on a hate date while discussing their bigotry and how the White Supremacists have a point.

And I’m the heathen satanist going to hell?

But back onto topic: you know what line really got me? Like, I was pissed. I still was reading, already thinking a mess of words I wish I was mean enough to say, but this one line hit me and I nearly choked laughing, these bitches nearly killed me.

So here we are, up to our necks in the homosexual agenda.”

I snorted at the winning line of: “Apart from Him [God] you and I would be just as lost and confused as any homosexual.” but that finished me off. You make it sound like the gay people are the ones with the agenda. You make it sound like it’s gay people who come up to you on the street trying to force themselves on you, yelling “DO YOU HAVE TIME TO TALK ABOUT BEING GAY?” and not the religious people forcing leaflets and preaching on the street, yelling down your ear as you walk past “DO YOU HAVE TIME TO TALK ABOUT OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST, AMEN?”

I do have time to talk about him, but you mother fuckers aren’t gonna like what I have to say. And it’s not (and I shit you not, this is a direct quote) “Please don’t get sucked into the gay agenda.” because if I was that bigoted, I’d have asked to be euthanised by this point, because I cannot live with so much unnecessary hate in my heart.

I was scrolling though their other articles and my brain went numb. Like, how brainwashed and stupid do you have to be to write this shit? They even went after Beauty and the Beast for having a gay character. Come on now, it’s never said outright, but don’t forget “Disney does not fear God.” I shit you the fuck not, direct quote, I’ll link it here. It’s not as if there was a full on gay porn scene in the middle of Beauty and the Beast, it was U/PG, they never put it out there directly, don’t get your knickers in a twist.

Now, it’s not just homosexuality they speak about. Oh fuck no, they go after gender too. Apparently “it’s getting to the point where it means nothing to be male anymore. Where it means nothing to be female anymore. Where it means nothing to be “married” anymore.” I think the fact that we’re allowing people to be themselves and be who they really are is a great thing. But what would I know: the feminist ‘little blogger’ heathen? Then, these questions are brought up, and I’m gonna leave the post here, so you can see that I’m not making this up.

If a man wants to change his gender to be female, that’s accepted, right? But what if he wants to get surgery to take on the form of a gorilla? Or maybe a dog? Why can’t he? What if a person despises being male or female, and “invents” a new gender? Would that be okay? What if a 60 year old woman decides she is actually a 10 year old little boy in her personal reality? Can she be true to herself? Would surgery be okay? Why wouldn’t it be?

Your questions are moronic. First of all dogs are more Godly than you will ever be, nobody will ever be as good as a dog is, and I’m offended you insinuated it.
Second of all, no, because in this day and age, that goes against the laws of both science and nature: people cannot change species, and the fact you would even suggest or ask this is ridiculous, as remember, we are the ‘stewards of the earth’ and the ‘pinnacle of creation’, meaning we are the highest we can be, so to be anything else would be to go down in the hierarchy of Gods creatures, if you will.
Also, if you take this in a literal sense, you’re comparing transgender people to animals, and that is sickening and horrible.
I could make some gorilla jokes about them, but I’m above that, though trust me that I made myself laugh at some of the things I did think.
Is a good Christian not supposed to accept others? Did God not make all of us equal and beautiful in our own way, and want us to feel happy? Is the sanctity of life of Gods plan really more important than a persons quality of life? Don’t come at me with the ‘Gods plan’ argument, because you know what?

God can shove his plan up his giant space arsehole and fuck off if he’s really that dead set on his place before the lives of the humans he has created.

You see, I am an atheist. Early on in life, I was religious, but when I really thought about it, the negative things in the world outgrew the positives and I couldn’t understand how a God could allow the world to go into so much shit, when we are apparently his children who he loves. But, I can understand why people do believe and why people want to believe, and I won’t judge you for that and defend you if or when people come after you for it, just like I would do with any form of religion.

What I can’t understand is the people who claim to be all loving and accepting and the best and least sinful people on the earth have so much hate in their hearts, when I’m apparently a bad person for doing charity work, supporting the LGBT community, wanting equal rights and defending religious people.

What I can’t understand is why I can be seen in the wrong for speaking my opinion, when two heavily religious girls are speaking their own opinion- which is allowed, I can’t take that right away from them, even if they want to take rights away from others- when their religion says that women should not speak in church or their opinion. Whereas I’m clearly a heathen, they are being hypocrites.

What I cannot understand is why I’m torn down for dressing up, putting on makeup, taking selfies and feeling empowered, when they also do it: the two women used to be models, and are honest and admit that. They both put on pounds of makeup. They both take selfies. They make themselves feel empowered: yes, a different way to me, but my point still remains: I’m not empowering myself by taking provocative selfies, but if that’s what makes somebody- not just women- happy, then who are you to judge, when you have admitted to doing it in the past and posting these pictures? It’s one rule for me as a person who disagrees with them, but another rule for them as they are Good Godly Girls.

I don’t like hypocrites who hide under the mask of people trying to do the right thing. If you’re a hypocrite, fucking own it for fucks sake. Don’t justify it, just admit it.

Let’s put it in these terms, shall we? God is all seeing: he’s omnipresent, so around you at all times. He’s like a more judgemental Santa, to put it slightly less heavily: he knows when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake, he knows when you’ve been bad and good (please finish the song off in your head, I can’t because I’m trying to be serious). So, he knows that you’ve ‘sinned’. And yes, you go to church, so in your eyes, it’s made up for. But wouldn’t actually acting be more of a redemption? The people who sin, but do charity work, who help the community, who live good lives, but are human, and who do ‘sin’. Would this benevolent God not want to accept all of his ‘children’?

I could bring in the inconsistent triad, but I’m not here to argue about existence, I’m here to argue about why these are shitty people and completely wrong.

What honestly gets to me and why I do keep coming back to the topic is the fact that there are young women who look up to these girls; their target audience is incredibly young and impressionable, and what if there is an uprise of this way of thinking? What if everything the LGBT community and feminists have fought for goes down the drain? Look at the person in power in America: it’s already on its way, clearly.

These women are telling people that it’s wrong to be gay, and are OFFENDED by the fact people are saying it is okay to be gay. In fact, they say they are rubbing their sin ‘in the face of God’ or some shit in one post. Think of all the children out there who are being told that the way they are, because in no way is it a choice, is wrong and sinful and they’re going to hell for it. To all my Angels who are in this position, you are beautiful and perfect, don’t listen to these stuck up bitches; if there is a God, he (to be controversial a second, or she) will love you.

These women are telling young girls that it’s wrong to love your body and want to show it off. That it’s not modest to wear a bikini. That it goes against the word of God to celebrate your body. Girl, you work it, show people what God gave you. It’s not wrong to love yourself and the skin you’re in, it doesn’t make you a ‘whore’ or a ‘slut’. It makes you somebody who is wearing a bikini. The things you wear doesn’t tell people anything about your character.*

These women are saying for women to have equal rights is wrong. That women should be at home in the kitchen and looking after the children. That women have no place to contribute to working. Though, let’s sense the hypocrisy here: both these women started a MINISTRY, and at least one is married. Sit down and shut up please, don’t tell women what they should do while you are doing the exact opposite. If you’re a religious woman working, who is not married, and who doesn’t want/have children, I gotchu, you do you, you’re not going to hell for it.
What these two women don’t realise is that what if these women cannot have children. That their bodies can’t carry a child. They say that the purpose of a woman to carry a child, but what if somebody can’t? Does that give them any less of a purpose? Are they not going to heaven? Are they not a true Christian?

I am disgusted in the fact that they put, almost force, these views and guilt these girls into having the same views. I am disgusted at the cowardice they have; they don’t put these videos on your YouTube channel, and instead their blog, which few people actually know about. I am disgusted that they call themselves Christians; they’re not. They’re bigots.

A word to anyone who they have offended or effected in any negative way: you are not a problem. You are worth more than to be ‘tolerated’. You are worthy and you are beautiful. This goes to whether you’re a woman or a man or identify as something else. You are valid, and if there is a God, they will not care as long as you’re a good person.

To the Good Godly Girls, if you read this, and I hope to high hell you do, get a grip. You’re acting as if YOU are God. Let women empower themselves however the fuck they want to. Let people be proud of who they are, and had no choice in the matter to begin with. You say feminists and the LGBT community are bad as matters are taken into their own hands and they create their own path and they ‘overrule’ God, but what are you doing? Has God stopped these people? No. God apparently created everybody to be equal, so let people fight for these equal rights.

And say ‘mmhmm’ to this whole post, please. I really need the scripted reinforcement.

Stay safe and stay happy, Angels ❤

*Unless you’re me and you wear your political opinions and beliefs on your clothes, then you kind of show people who you are.


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