Halloween Chat-up Lines (and Anti Chat-up Lines)

Hello Angels!

First if all, I’m sorry, I know I missed yesterday, but it was hectic, I’ll be sure to schedule a post for tomorrow, which will also be hectic!

Okay, I know, this doesn’t look like my usual post, but it’s going to be similar to me valentines day post (here): I give you a chat up line, and then also how to reject said chat up lines. Either way, I gotchu covered, don’t worry.

So, without further hesitation, here are some chat-up lines (and anti chat-up lines) for you:

  1. You won’t be needing the broom anymore, because you’ve already swept me off my feet
    REPLY: Then take the broom and fly off on it.
  2. You are dead sexy. Literally.
    REPLY: I wish I was dead after hearing that. Literally.
  3. Is that some candy in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
    REPLY: No, it’s a gun.
  4. I don’t know what the trick is, but you certainly are a treat.
    REPLY: The trick is you’re not getting the treat.
  5. That pirate outfit looks really hot on you. Wanna search me for buried treasure?
    REPLY 1: I don’t think even a digger could dig deep enough for that treasure.
    REPLY 2: Mate.
    REPLY 3: No, I’ve got enough booty. (BECAUSE CHAT YOURSELF UP BITCHES)

  6. Baby, I’m a necrophiliac, how good are you at playing dead?
    REPLY: Not as good as you’ll be if you don’t walk away now.
  7. Call me a pirate and give me that booty!
    REPLY 1: I’ll call you a pirate and also call you never.
    REPLY 2: How’d you feel about wearing two eye patches? Not good? Then walk away.
  8. Are you dressed up as a tree? Cause you’re giving me wood.
    REPLY: I’d say that was more of a splinter.
  9. I can see a date in our future.
    REPLY: I can see rejection in yours.
  10. I’m tired of this old broom. Got anything else I can ride?
    REPLY: The bus. Home. Because that line is shameful.
  11. That skeleton over there wanted to ask you for your number, but, unlike me, they didn’t have the guts.
    REPLY: Do they want mine after I throw them up after what you just said?
  12. There’s no trick in these pants.
    REPLY: There’s no treat from the looks of it either.
  13. Wanna see my little green thing?
    REPLY: No and you should go get that checked out.
  14. HULK SMASH?!
    REPLY: Not me he doesn’t.
  15. I was going to go as a ghost but you’ll get to see my sheets later.
    REPLY: Are you sure you’re not? Because you’re dead wrong.
  16. Hey, skeleton. You’re made up of 206 bones . . . want one more?
    REPLY: Do you want one less? No? Then never use that line again.
  17. That’s not a jawbreaker. THIS is a jawbreaker.
    REPLY: If you don’t walk away I can give you my very own jaw breaker and it’s not a treat in any way.
  18. No, that ISN’T a glo-stick in my pocket . . .
    REPLY: Then you must have a radioactive dick and to get that checked out.


I wanted to try and get it to 20, but I couldn’t find, think of or physically cope with anymore. I hope I gave you some chat up lines to use, and how to respond if any of them are used.


Stay safe and stay spooky, Angels! ❤


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