Blogtober: Halloween Films

Hello Angels!

Posting daily didn’t exactly work out as I planned; I’ve been busy, uninspired at times, and my WiFi is horrible at times. BUT, I’m still gonna join in, just not put pressure on myself to post.

So, again, I’m here with the Halloween preparation. It’s my favourite time of year, and I am a horror fan. To the point where I am having an Edgar Allan Poe theme tattoo in December: the God of horror himself.

But that’s a different post for a different time. This post, I’m concentrating on films. I don’t usually talk about films on my blog, I’d prefer to rant about the Tube Car Sales men (reference from this post) Good Godly Girls (here and here) or many, many other topics (forgive my shameless promo).

Saying this, since mid August, this has been me:

So, without further hesitation, here are 31 Halloween Films:

  1. The Nanny- 1965
    This is easily the creepiest film I have ever seen, and it sticks with me even a good 5 years after first seeing it. Hammer Horror are the best creators of horror films, and this is an old film, but it would demolish half of the films that come out today due to the psychological elements in it, and the Nanny is TERRIFYING. 100% made me terrified of old women. 
  2. Dracula- 1931
    It has Bela Lugosi in it and he’s an icon. Fun fact: he started to lose his mind when he got older and would wear the cape around set because he thought he was Dracula. He didn’t drink blood, but he would shield his face with a cape. The man has my heart and made me love horror.

  3. The Exorcist- 1973
    It honestly doesn’t scare me that much, but I need it on the list just because it’s a cult classic. Horror films used to terrify me, but now, I’m just unfazed by most.

  4. The Exocism of Emily Rose- 2005
    This one was based on a true story which is why it’s on here, the fact that these sort of things happened to a child makes my stomach churn. Until I found out it was based on things that had actually happened, I was fine, I dare you to watch it and not get chills now knowing this.

  5. Nightmare Before Christmas- 1993
    Okay, not scary, but it has This is Halloween in it and that is the soundtrack to my life. It is both a Halloween film and a Christmas film, October until December this film is on repeat, one of my favourite ever films.

  6. The Ring- 2002
    Again, this one honestly doesn’t bother me, but it’s a cult classic and I can understand why people find it scary. I used to find children in horror films terrifying, but this was the first step I took to get over it. I can say it is a good film though, it just never scared me.

  7. Bram Stokers Dracula- 1992
    I’m a complete Dracula fangirl, we get it, stop judging. I didn’t used to like this film too much when I was younger, instead just blindly saying Lugosi was the best (him and Oldman are on par with great Dracula’s, I can’t choose between them anymore) but after rewatching I loved it. Though, I will say, I loved it more because of Keanu Reeves and his brilliant accent, he is a gift to the world and needs to be protected.

  8. The Sixth Sense- 1999
    Again, doesn’t bother me, but is a cult classic and you need to watch these classics at this time of year. I didn’t think that it was scary, and Georgia, who God bless her was terrified of pretty much all horror films at this point, also didn’t seem bothered by it. But, I can say the dead children that popped up were disturbing, and the ending (if you weren’t already aware of it) was a massive plot twist. It shocked Pops.

  9. Carrie- 1976 (also 1999)
    The book was good, the film was also good. Stephen King is a MASTER of horror (not Edgar Allan Poe, but he’s still bloody good). Carrie had moments that left me utterly shook, and the picture (1976) of her covered in blood? Bitch, that gave me chills. What honestly gets me about this is always the story rather than the effects, which is why the book works so well; there’s a story there.

  10. Let the Right One In- 2008
    This I expected to find terrifying, but I didn’t when I actually watched it. It’s more of a romance in parts than a horror, despite the elements of gore and horror in it. My brother got me it in 2010, and I didn’t watch it until about 2014 after looking at the cover of somebody hanging. Don’t judge a DVD by its cover, it is a gem.

  11. Halloween- 1978
    You think I was going to miss this out of a HALLOWEEN film list? Are you okay? If I didn’t, I would be asked to leave and never talk about Halloween films again, if it’s the the title, you’ve gotta watch it. 
  12. The Brides of Dracula- 1960
    It has Peter Cushing in it as Van Helsing, it has blood, it has vampires: it’s a good classic Hammer Horror film. If you can’t tell from this list, I’m a big fan of the older horror films; they didn’t rely on special effects, and they may not be that scary, but when you think that things were limited back then, what they managed was incredibly impressive.
  13. Dracula: Prince of Darkness- 1966
    I fucking love Dracula. I fucking love Christopher Lee. He doesn’t actually speak much in this film, and when asked why, he said this:
    “I didn’t speak in that picture. The reason was very simple. I read the script and saw the dialogue! I said to Hammer, if you think I’m going to say any of these lines, you’re very much mistaken.”
    The man is and always will be an icon, and is joining the God tier of horror. Also, have you heard his metal Christmas stuff? He’s my favourite person, fight me.
  14. Frankenweeine- 2012
    Again, not scary, but not all Halloween films have to be, do they? This is one of the rare recent Tim Burton films that I loved (he’s struggling recently, let’s be honest now, I love him too but). I thought it was incredibly charming, and it has a dog in it so I’m sold.
  15. Blacula- 1972
    I needed to, this is one of the funniest padodies of Dracula I have ever seen, and it’s honestly not too badly rated surprisingly… It’s not great, but it’s at least funny and made me chuckle.
  16. Scream Blacula, Scream- 1973
    Again, not all of them have to be scary, and these are Nicolas Cage level films, but they’re so bad they’re excellent. They’re perfect for after you actually have watched a terrifying film to remind you that they’re made up and THIS is also counted as horror/ thriller.
  17. Shadow of the Vampire- 2000
    Speaking of Nicolas Cage, he produced and helped direct this. I won’t say any more, we all know I love Nicolas Cage so I’m biased, but trust me, it’s worth a watch.
  18. Mom and Dad- 2017
    Nicolas Cage. Barks while swinging an electric saw at his son. Sings the Hokey Cokey while smashing a pool table with a sledgehammer.
    But, there is actually a terrifying story underneath the highlights of Cage and his incredible limbo between being a good and a bad actor but leaving you transfixed. When you think of the story, and the way it’s shot at times, it is actually chilling. Then Cage makes it okay again by being Cage.
  19. Beetlejuice- 1988
    Early Tim Burton films are an A*: this isn’t overly scary, but there are creepy moments to it. If you and your friends do not reenact the table dance, you need new friends.

  20. The Witches- 1990
    THIS IS ICONIC! Thank you to my mum for reminding me of it when I mentioned the list. This is surprisingly dark for a kids film, but let’s be real now, the book was also bloody dark at times: Roald Dahl was the master at children’s books for adults.

  21. Hocus Pocus-1993
    If you do not watch this every Halloween, turn on your location and let me fight you, BECAUSE THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST FILMS. If they dare actually remake this, I’m going to riot; you can’t beat utter perfection.

  22. The Addams Family- 1991
    The 90’s was the decade for family Halloween films, and also the year of Halloween films which I watch all year round and that shaped who I am today. It’s hilarious, there’s humour to cater for all tastes, and the characters hold a special and dear place in my heart.

  23. The Addams Family Values- 1993
    Same as the above: if they dare remake Addams Family, I will also riot then. Please leave the beloved 1990’s films alone, or you will have angry millennials on your arse.

  24. Casper Meets Wendy- 1998
    If you can’t tell, as the list goes on I’m just talking about beloved childhood Halloween films because the floodgates have opened. This one isn’t scary in the least, and if you’re babysitting it’s fine for that: it’s a film to watch after you’ve been terrified by another horror film and you need to be reminded that the world is not terrifying. Plus, it has Hilary Duff in it and she’s a queen.

  25. Corpse Bride- 2005
    Okay, this is literally only included for ‘Remains of the Day’ which could be a Halloween bop, (which is why I included it on my playlist here). Not all Halloween themed films have to be scary, and for me, I don’t find a lot of films that scary.*

  26. The Babadook- 2014 (based on the 2005 short)
    That being said, the Babadook did shake me. Psychological horror gets me more than the more gore based horror; it plays on your mind. Jump scares are over in a second, psychological horror lingers. They play upon fears which other films don’t, and at times you feel incredibly uncomfortable: it’s a great horror film, and seeing as it’s a more recent horror film, it surprised me how much I loved it.
    (Shout out to Jacob and Lauren who made me watch it)
  27. Blair Witch Project- 1999
    Okay, this one also isn’t that scary in my opinion, but it is a classic, and it does do something slightly different; it is like a mini documentary or vlog in some ways, and I can value them doing something different.
  28. Lost Boys- 1987
    This is a FUCKING GOOD vampire film. No, I wouldn’t class it as Halloween because I would watch it all year round, and it isn’t scary, but it’s just a really, really good film, and if you haven’t seen it you’re really missing out.
  29. Incredible Melting Man- 1977
    This film is appalling (look at IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes) but it’s excellent and Steve the monster is  an icon. You will laugh at it, you will struggle to understand it, but it’s a guilty pleasure film which always makes me smile… even if Steve is melting.
  30. Frankenstein- 1931
    CLASSIC HORROR. If you can’t tell, I like old horror, and Frankenstein is completely underrated.
  31. Zombieland- 2009
    This is just enjoyable as hell. I am a Woody Harrelson fangirl, and I love Jesse Eisenberg so this is just a perfect film for me- plus ZOMBIES. I do love a good zombie film, and with a mix of humour too, I’m a big fan.
  32. BONUS FILM: Shaun of the Dead- 2004
    I couldn’t have Zombieland and not have Shaun of the Dead. This film NEVER fails to make me smile, and it’s the perfect film to watch after you’ve watched something which has made you scared to sleep. It’s touching at times but with comedy and zombies, it’s a pretty good family friendly horror.

There were two rules I set myself: I had to see the film, and it couldn’t be one which I thought was terrible with no redeeming features to it. I had to enjoy the film in some way, or at least like a certain aspect of it. If you’re after really shitty horror, have this mini list:

  1. Unfriended
  2. Remake of the Ring
  3. Remake of Blair Witch Project
  4. Conjuring 2 (it was more laughable than scary)

*I am terrified of clowns, so no, IT was not be on this list; I’ve never seen it and honestly don’t plan on seeing it any time soon if ever.

Stay safe and stay spooky, Angels ❤


7 Replies to “Blogtober: Halloween Films”

  1. I love the Halloween series with Michael Myers! My absolute all time fave. I can watch those movies all year round, honestly. Beetle juice is up there too! This is a great list! Makes me want to watch a few tonight!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I followed your blog on the basis that I dig this list and I’ll return in due time to catch up on the rest of your posts. But might I just say, this list is spot on, darling. Bram Stokers Dracula- 1992. The pinnacle, the gold standard, the definite vampyr film for halloween. Some might suggest Interview with the vampire, although I disagree. Bram Stokers is the king of vampyr films.

    Have you seen The Witch? Robert Eggers

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, and I’m glad there’s a fellow Dracula fan! Interview with the Vampire is fine, but it’s no Bram Stokers Dracula. I’ve never seen The Witch, but I’ll add it to my list!

      Liked by 1 person

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