Blogtober: Vampire Poison Ivy Makeup

Hello Angels!

I promised I’d do makeup looks, and I will deliver. This was a first attempt, and seeing as it is what I’m going as for Halloween, I will update it and upload better pictures of the makeup. This is just a quick rundown on what I’ve done and plan on doing.

First, because of pale complexion, I was sorted anyway because I’m already ghostly pale. But, to both make myself paler and give a green tinge, I though of using colour corrector: redness will be taken out of my face, and also I don’t have to worry about blending it too much; she’s Poison Ivy, she’s gonna be a little green anyway

I did it in 2 stages, including my neck and chest (you’ll see why that’s important when I add my costume in, but that’s for a different post). I blended in a way I never do: I just spread it out. While patting into my skin, I also moved the makeup from side to side.
To do what you see above I used the Technic Colour Corrector stick, and when filled it in with the Makeup Academy Colour corrector: the Technic gave a good base, but due to the MUA corrector being a lot softer, it was a lot easier to fill in any gaps and give me more of a colour.


Doing that left me with that face: pale, with a slight green tinge. For both of these products being drugstore, I will say they are amazing quality and if you’re looking for cheaper alternatives, I highly recommend.

Then, I moved onto lips. There was very little order in what I did or why I did it, I just saw the lipstick I was using and went for it.


I went with black; with what you’ll see I’m planning on doing, you’ll see black would make it stand out a lot more and give it the more vamp look I was after. This one is Potent from MUA for £3: as with most liquid lipsticks, it does come off with oil, but other than that it stays in place, which is what I’m gonna need. This one isn’t drying on the lips, and is incredibly pigmented, but with black lipstick, you gotta me careful; one wrong move and you’re a goner (I did make a mistake which I then had to fix, but shhh).


You see why I needed the liquid lipstick? Of course, this is Ivy, if I didn’t have a pop of green on the lips I’d be a traitor. But, I actually used a green eye shadow for this from Makeup Revolution in the shade Temptress. I’m unsure if they still do it, but you can use any green eye shadow for it. I used this shade last year in a similar way (I put it all over the lips though) and it stayed put all night, even after drinking. I’m giving you a Poison Ivy look which is drink proof and 70% food proof: I gotchu.

Then, I moved onto eyes: the pallette I used has since been discontinued, but it is also from MUA.


You will see in the final pictures that I did darken the eyeshadow a little more just to make it bolder, but this is the look I achieved: I used the darkest shade of green on the outer corner, and then lined by eyes with it, I used Temptress which I used on my lips for the centre, and then Golden Lights highlighter from Makeup Revolution for the inner corner.


As you see here, I added eyliner (Gunmetal from Avon), I added some eyeshadow to my lower lash line, and also added some UV Eyeliner from Stargazer just in the center of my lower lash line. BUT, it doesn’t end here: I still have more to come, and I’m finishing off the face.

I go from kind of sweet and innocent looking to your favourite villain. This is where I know I need to up my game; the blood does need to be more, and I need to figure out how to contour well with green. For the contour, I went back to temptress as I could blend it out a lot more, then went to one of the greens from the discontinued pallette, and for the lips I used fake blood I got from Wilkos and a red lipstick from MUA.

To improve it, I am going to make it more bloody, make the blood a lot deeper, and I might see what I can do with a good red liquid lipstick and fake blood combination, but for a fire attempt, I am happy with it, and I’m really looking forward to improving on it.

Makeup is trial and error; nobody gets it perfect the first time, and makeup is supposed to be fun. I had great fun doing this, and I hoped you enjoyed seeing the journey and get inspired to try it out yourself. If you have any hints or tips for me, please let me know!

Stay safe and stay spooky, Angels!


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