The #MeToo Campaign

Hello Angels!

I wanted to throw my hat in the ring and talk about this campaign. We all know that when it comes to stuff like this, I feel the need to talk about it and raise awareness of some sort.

The #metoo campaign has been around for awhile now: I’ve seen it since September/ October, and on the whole, it’s still going strong, and I still hear people talking about it, I still see posts on social media. It is a campaign to tackle the topic of sexual harassment and assault, to make people not feel alone: to show people that it has happened to others too, it’s not you, people can and will understand. Started by actress Alyssa Milano, it’s taken social media by storm and people are now talking about harassment and assault more: it’s not so much of a taboo subject. It also couldn’t have come at a better time: with the Harvey Weinstein case, and so many more coming out about sexual assault, it may have been the catalyst to get these people out of the shadows.

First of all, I want to say thank you to her: we’re now able to see the magnitude of people who have been assaulted, both famous and every day people like me and you. It’s given people confidence to talk about it, made some people feel less alone. The sickening fact is, if I ask any of my female friends, when they find out how broad the definition of sexual harassment is, 99% of them can say they’ve been through it, some of us going through assault. It’s sickening that although we’re supposed to live in a society that has advanced and moved on, it’s more common than ever: if anything, more common.

I love the idea behind it: I love the idea that it shows a united front against people who think it’s okay to sexually harass people. Who think it’s okay to assault others. I like how it has made so many people come forward; seeing people they look up to admit they’ve faced it, seeing their families and friends speak about their past: it’s made people not feel so alone, it’s made some people safer. It’s made a step to get rid of a horrible, horrific crime.

I also like how it’s challenging the laws in many countries: it’s found that 37 differing countries exempt rapists from prosecution when they marry or are married to the victim. If people come out about this, talking about their assault, talking about how the laws failed them, eventually they will have to change. It’s also found that 1 in 3 women have experienced sexual violence, and in most cases, it’s by a partner. The person you’re supposed to feel safe with and trust and look after you is a person who is assaulting you: these stories of women may inspire that person to leave, to go get better for themselves.

The thing that does get me, and I’m ready for feminazis to come for me, is the fact that it doesn’t or rarely includes men. Yes, I know that it’s to raise awareness of sexual assault and harassment of women, and it was never specified that only women could comment on it or post about it, I understand that, but men get assaulted and harassed too. What also gets me is that some people may feel pressured to share their story. Some people may feel like it has to be done because everyone else is. And if a person for their own safety and peace of mind has to keep their past quiet, then there should be no pressure for them to talk about it.

I hate that it’s taboo for men to talk about it. That men can’t talk about it in case they don’t look as masculine. That they’re afraid still of showing too much emotion. That they don’t want to be seen differently. That they’re as afraid of judgement as women are. The fact that they’re NOT treated the same in society sickens me.

I do love the idea of the campaign, and I like how it’d raising awareness of something which is wrong and horrific: I just don’t like the fact that men can’t share their stories or feel like they can’t share their stories too. Hey, I’m a feminist, I believe in equality. It’s not all men, like the guardian suggests here: it can be women too. My dad, my brother, my boyfriend, my male friends: none of them would dare, so no, not all men. And I’m ready for the backlash for saying that.

Oh, and by the way, while I’m on the topic…



Stay safe and stay happy, Angels ❤


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