Blogmas: Christmas Films

Hello Angels!

I’m still going, I’m still sticking with it: today, we have a very important topic to cover. Christmas films. They’re one of my favourite parts of this time of year, they always cheer me up if I have the Winter grumps (it even happens to me) and let’s be honest, they’re difficult to escape anyway!

So, here are 22 (one for each day in the lead up to Christmas) Christmas Films I recommend this year:

  1. Nightmare Before Christmas- 1993
    Is it a Halloween film? Is it a Christmas film? Who the fuck cares: it’s great this time of year, and the soundtrack is on throughout the year, so imagine what it’s like this time of year? The charming film produced (not directed) by Tim Burton makes me feel all Christmas-y inside, and connects to my Halloween loving self.
  2. Jingle All The Way- 1996
    Christmas and Arnie? Child, this film was meant for me. I remember watching this a few years ago and was just in awe of it. It’s the kind of film which is a complete guilty pleasure; it’s bad, but it’s so, so good and has me giggling throughout the entire thing.
  3. Elf- 2003
    Would it be a Christmas list without Elf? This is easily one of my favourite Christmas films, and I relate HARD to Buddy the elf. Touching in moments, but completely hilarious most of the way through, it brightens my day completely every time I watch it. Fun fact: my Pops isn’t a fan and I have no idea how we’re related in any way, it’s a modern classic.
  4. It’s A Wonderful Life- 1946
    Confession time: I’ve never actually seen it all the way though, and apparently that’s a good thing because I’d be a sobbing mess. From the little I remember, I was a sobbing mess anyway. I just know it’s a Christmas must see unless you’re overly emotional like me. Then, maybe stick to the happier films, it just works out best for us.
  5. The Polar Express- 2004
    I have actually only seen this twice, and for one reason only: the animation style freaked me out. Even as a young-er teenager, the animation freaked me out, but if you can move past the freaky animation, then it’s still a bloody good film. Heartwarming, and a good story line to it. Plus, a shed load of Tom Hanks, and that’s always a good thing.
  6. Gremlins- 1984
    Again, I saw this when I was a child, but I’ll be honest: seeing as it terrified a generation of children and I was a wimp as a child, I wasn’t that scared of it, and I still want a Gremlin to this day. I love the dark comedy of it (death by stair lift) and the contrast between what is going on, and the fact that it’s Christmas time.
  7. One Magic Christmas- 1985
    This is one of my mum’s favourites, and I didn’t think it was called One Magic Christmas so refused to believe I’d seen it… I had, and I cried. Mum struggles to not cry at it. It’s another heartwarming and sad one, I can’t really put it into words. It’s sob worthy, get tissues.
  8. Die Hard- 1988
    Miss me with the ‘Die Hard isn’t a Christmas film’ bullshit. They’re having a Christmas party, he holds up the ‘Ho ho ho’ thing, it’s a bloody Christmas film. Okay, not your typical Christmas film, but it’s still a Christmas film and one of my favourites, fight me.
  9. The Santa Clause- 1994
    Tim Allen as a man who accidentally kills Santa and has to become him? I’m fucking there. Every time we watch it, me and mum chuckle at his beard that grows on it’s own and him himself gradually becoming Santa. If you’ve not seen it, watch it immediately, you’re missing out.
  10. How The Grinch Stole Christmas- 2000
    Do I really need to comment on this one? The Grinch is one of the most loved childhood Christmas films of millions of people my age and older. It’s charming, funny, and as all Dr Seuss films and stories, it has a message. Go watch the Grinch immediately.
  11. Santa Claus: The Movie- 1985
    From this I think we can gather some of the best Christmas films were made in the 80’s. They’re full of joy, comedic moments and parts that might make you a little teary, and that goes for Santa Claus: The Movie too. Probably one of the Christmas films I’ve seen the most, there’s something comforting about it. To me, it’s as a Christmas film should be: a happy beginning, an issue to over come, and a hilarious way to solve said issue at the end.
  12. Nativity- 2009
    Me and my brother watched this a few years ago on Christmas Eve when mum and Pops were busy (one of my clearest memories, I don’t know why) and were just laughing throughout it. Honestly, not the best film ever, but Martin Freeman is great, and kids are great, and it’s got enough of a plot to keep me entertained throughout. Just a feel good film: nothing overly special about it, but there’s something there.
  13. Fred Claus- 2007
    Another funny Christmas film, where Santa’s older brother moves to the North Pole to help him for money. That in itself hadn’t been done before, and I liked the originality of it, and I also liked the development of characters, the fact we see the backstories of why they were like they are. As usual, it does have a happy ending, and one TINY detail helped make it one of my favourite endings to a film- if you watch it, see if you can pick up on it.
  14. A Charlie Brown Christmas- 1965
    This is a classic, and as a fan of Snoopy, I love this. I like the fact that there is a sad character at Christmas, and also we get the classic line “Of all the Charlie Browns in the world, you’re the Charlie Brownest.”. This film gets me every time, and I actually used to have the tiny, sad tree he had- I wish I knew where it was, because it was one of my favourite parts of Christmas.
  15. The Family Man- 2000
    Okay, Nicholas Cage and Christmas? I’m in. This is one of the least weird films he’s done, even if it does involve him going to an alternate universe to see what life could have been like had he stayed with his then girlfriend. There are elements that remind me a lot of Christmas Carol, but add in Nicholas Cage and the fact his daughter thinks he’s an alien. 10/10 would watch again.
  16. Trapped in Paradise- 1994
    Another Christmas film with Nicholas Cage in? Set me aside a day and I’ll watch every single one of them back to back. This one actually has a good message in it to, and shows people can change and become ‘righteous’. I strongly recommend, and Nicholas Cage isn’t even that weird in it.
  17. Home Alone- 1990
    Another classic, and one I have seen to death. By this point, I really don’t think I need to go in to Home Alone: everyone knows what it’s about and what kind of vibe you get from it. It’s a classic.
  18. Casper’s Haunted Christmas- 2000
    Again, it brings in elements of Halloween into Christmas. I love Casper in general, I think he’s one of the most beloved characters, and I hold him dear to my heart, so him at Christmas? Damn right I’m gonna watch it.
  19. Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas- 1997
    Okay, I have a Chip tattoo, do you really think I’d miss this one out? It makes me happy whenever I watch it, as every Disney film does. Belle and the Beast just make my heart happy and I want a coat of cloak like hers, I’m in love with it.
  20. The Muppet Christmas Carol- 1992
    I’m a child at heart, okay? I know I had to include a Christmas Carol in some form, and for me, that’s with the Muppets. Don’t judge me, I’m a bigger fan of the funnier films than the sadder ones, it’s Christmas, I wanna laugh.
  21. Bad Santa- 2003
    I watch this every year and I love it. I know a lot of people who hate it, so I guess this is a guilty pleasure film, but for me it just takes the weight off. I like the dark humour/ black comedy elements to it, and it is a different take on a Christmas film. I’ll watch it again this year no doubt.
  22. White Christmas- 1954
    You bitches really thought I was going to miss out a film with Bing Crosby: the KING of Christmas? No description needed or reason to why I included it, just this:

I hope this list gave you a few ideas on what to watch, and if there’s any films you want to recommend to me, leave me a comment and tell me!

Stay safe and stay happy, Angels! ❤


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