Blogmas: New Tattoo

Hello Angels!

This will be a shorter post, but my next few scheduled posts will be longer, so allow me this one!

I did say I was going to be getting a tattoo for my birthday present, and it’s been done and it’s healing very nicely. It’s not at all a Christmas-y post, I just wanted to break up the masses of Christmas stuff that has been coming your way and will be, and also show off about my tattoo, just a little bit.

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It took 3 hours, which is the longest a tattoo has taken on me personally, and you can see from the first picture (green top) that my arm is red as hell and very shiny. It did hurt towards the end because he was going over it repeatedly to get the shading right, and it takes up most of the top of my arm. You can see that a few days later, it was a lot calmer and it looks less severe. If you’re in/ around St Helens, honestly try Fishbone, their artists are amazing and Mark has done all 5 of mine now.

So, why did I get this?

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen one reason: I’m a massive Edgar Allan Poe fan and have been since I was about 10, and I’ve always loved the poem Nevermore. It’s easily one of the best pieces of writing I’ve ever read, so this one is honestly a dream come true.

The poem is basically about a young man mourning the loss of his lover one December night when a Raven comes into his room. As he speaks to the Raven, all the raven can say is ‘Nevermore’ which the man relates due to his sadness, but as time goes on, it angers him more and more as when asked if he’ll ever get over his love, the raven of course says ‘Nevermore’. The man is driven into madness by the raven, who sits and watches as the man beings to lose his sanity.

A brief summary, so not to spoil too much for you, but it’s clearly not an overly happy poem, but it is beautiful and chilling at times, and to me, that goes for life too. I like the fact that the raven repeats ‘Nevermore’: to me, it’s as if since he lost his love, his happiness will never return. There is an undying devotion within the poem: the narrator wants to remember everything and cling on, but he also wants to forget, and I relate to that in some parts of my life. There are times I want to forget, but times I’m so happy I remember because it taught me a lot. It also connects to me as the narrator is asking purposely self-deprecating questions which he wants to hear ‘Nevermore’ to and he wants to feel the pain… I’m just a glutton for punishment and too curious for my own good.

To me, it also also important I got it in December for many reasons. First of all, I had it as a Birthday present (only 11 days until my actual birthday), but I could have gotten a different tattoo as I had the money to get it in October. First of all, the poem is set in December and I’m a complete nerd in that aspect, shoot me okay, I like good literature, the more depressing the better. The second reason is, in legends, December is the darkest time and also the most evil, which is ironic seeing as it’s Christmas time and the story goes that Jesus was born then (though I have a post which will blow your mind on that coming up). Then, the Raven is seen as a sign of the devil, and again, it’s ironic to get it around Christmas time. I’m just an arsehole at times.

Also, I fucking love Edgar Allan Poe, and he deserves a tattoo spot on my body.

I hope you enjoyed- do you have any tattoos, or do you want any? Any meanings behind them? If you do and there are, tell me, I’d love to hear! And if you want a dedicated tattoo post, I can happily do that after Christmas!

Stay safe and stay happy, Angels! ❤

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