Here’s a Little Rant about Blogging

Hello Angels!

I’ve got a blog post planned for Saturday, it was supposed to come out Monday but there’s been a delay, but I did wanna speak about something.

I have a mini rant instead, and it’s about something me and a few other bloggers have agreed is an issue (shout out to Mollie from Mollie Says who has listened to me rant about this already and joined in, she’s a star, and many other friends who listened and joined in my rantings). Even people who haven’t read a blog before agree that this issue is bullshit.

Recently, there’s been an up-rise in people stealing or copying posts: I’ve had a ‘blogger’ ask for a collaboration but actually was just looking to take credit for my work- this person has already TRIED to scam many other people and due to their ‘professional’ base and their ‘contacts’, it may fool somebody less wise to their games. I’m not gonna name and shame until they succeed in this and actually scam people, because maybe if they see this they’ll stop their shit.

But here’s the major issue we’re all up against: it’s not just this one person. If it was, then we report them, call them out directly and problem solved. Sadly, we can’t, because it’s not just one person: there are some bloggers I know and they’re utter sweethearts who put so much effort and time into their posts- like, it’ll take days, and if they’re collaborating with a company, it may take weeks to get it right and get it to a high quality. These people? The honest, hardworking people? They’re getting copied word for word, or parts of their work are being lifted entirely with no credit, no nothing and it’s sickening.

I’m by no means a ‘big blogger’. I’ve only started putting actual effort in within the past year, I’ll hold up my hands and say that, I’ve been a lazy blogger and had no idea how much work it really took and how much time it took. Taking that into consideration, let’s think of it this way: I’m having work copied and I’m not a massive blogger. I’m having somebody try to take credit for MY work, and I’m not a big blogger at all.

A message to all of you people who copy the work of people who put time and effort into it and call yourselves bloggers: you’re not. You’re not a blogger if you’re just copying work. You’re not a blogger if you’re lying about your intentions and claiming to be a part of something bigger to get views. You’re not a blogger if you claim work that isn’t yours. You’re not a blogger if you’re using a 98% amazing community for your own personal gain: and not gain as in you’re part of a community. Oh no, gain as in you steal their work so you actually have well written, quality content.

These people are the reasons why people are nervous about collaborating on posts: these people cause rifts in the community.

So, open answer to certain people: no, I won’t let you claim my work to be your own. I won’t let you use my thoughts and feelings and claim them for your own. I won’t let you use me. I won’t let you claim my opinions, my heart and soul and anger as your own. Because, you’re not me and I’m not falling for your bullshit. If I catch it, and catch any of my words copied and pasted into your mouth, I’m not going to be silent and I will drag you into the dirt. Here’s another thing: I won’t allow you to do that to others either, and I’ve warned a lot of bloggers about the game you’re trying to pull, so it’s not gonna wash with me. If I see people being used, I’ve got proof in my claims*…

But I will proof read because your post grammar hurts me. Don’t get me started on the ‘professional’ side of your writing because, I’m sorry, but that’s even worse.

I’m not usually one to call people out, but the behaviour disgusts me and I’ll use any platform I have to get it out. Not just because it nearly happened to me, I’ve had this rant planned for awhile, but because I’m sick of seeing it happen to others.

If it happens to bloggers I know, or even a blogger randomly reading this post, tell me- because I’m done taking shit. That’s something you’ll find out from future posts: sugarcoating is gone.

Stay safe and stay happy Angels!

I got pictures of the emails to prove it. The names have been scribbled out for privacy reasons and because I’m not so low.


12 Replies to “Here’s a Little Rant about Blogging”

  1. Wow, how can people be so awful? The blogging community is so good but a few bloggers make everyone sceptical. I’m glad you didn’t give away your hard work to let this anonymous blogger steal all the credit and claim a few numbers in the name of views. Ugh, it’s annoying but I’m happy that you decided to stand up to them and take a step back from the collaboration that you were planning.

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  2. It’s an “old friend” who thought I’d not look into stuff they were claiming, but here we are💁 I’d usually not speak up and let it slide but people who do this are sick and I’m tired of it! Thank you for your support lovely, it means the world!😘


  3. I’ve seen a lot of this lately – there’s being ‘influenced’ or ‘inspired’ by, and then there’s downright copying. It’s so annoying and so obvious most of the time too. Fab post! Well done for calling it out! x

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